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Thank you for visiting the Central Washington University website. We are currently undergoing major changes to the website. We welcome your feedback through the form below or you can contact the Public Affairs office directly at (509) 963-1221.

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1. Who is responsible for the look and feel of the CWU website?

The Department of Public Affairs is the website manager.


2. Who maintains the website?

The Web Development Office is the website administrator.


3. Where is Wildcat Connection?

To link to Wildcat Connection, click on the paw print in the upper-right corner of any web page, just above the APPLY NOW button.


4. How do I post my event to the main calendar?

  • Scroll over CWU Life in the beige drop-down menu near the top, right side of the page;
  • Click on Events;
  • Click Submit an Event in the left navigation menu on that page;
  • Complete and submit the form.


5. How can I change our department’s web page?

Each department or office has a designated content editor who will manage content on your page. This is likely to be the person who has previously maintained your web pages. You can edit text and photos but not the design/layout of your page.  Contact the Web Development Office if you would like to change or add a function to a web page.


6. How do I find Blackboard?

At the bottom of the home page is a link to Blackboard.


7. Where are the web pages for the president’s office and other administrative units?

  • Scroll over About in the beige drop down menu near the top, left side of the homepage;
  • Click on Administration.

You can also find a link to administrative offices when you click on the Faculty & Staff link at the bottom of any page.


8. How do I find the university intranet?

  • Click on Faculty & Staff at the bottom of the any page.
  • Then click on the Faculty/Staff Intranet link near the top, center of that page.  

You also may log in through Wildcat Connection at the top, right corner of the page above the Apply Now button.


9. How can I access the old website?

Even though the new website is now online, all information from the old website is still available and will be for the coming year. Contact the Web Office for the access you need to get to the old files.


10. How do I report glitches and broken links on the new website?

  • Call Public Affairs at ext. 1221;
  • Click the Feedback link at the bottom, right of any page and complete the form.

The Department of Public Affairs will respond as quickly as possible to questions about the website. We want to know what isn't working and how to make your web experience as positive and efficient as possible!


11. Where are job openings listed?


12. Will people who read publications containing old links be able to find my web site?

Yes they should. However you should double check any links to confirm that they are working. Please contact the web office if any of them are broken.