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Wine Studies



Global Wine Studies Specialization

Wine Industry Management Specialization

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A Unique Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Wine Studies (WS) is an accredited, four year academic degree. The WS degree utilizes an innovative, cross-disciplinary approach to instruction creating a degree unlike any in the nation. The degree is structured with a focus on the international trade aspects of the wine industry. Students complete major coursework in WS (74-77 credits) to acquire a broad base of skills and knowledge in the wine industry.

Core topics of major coursework include:
  •     Wine Regions
  •     Marketing and Branding Strategies
  •     International Wine Trade
  •     Professional Sensory Analysis
  •     Viticulture and Enology

Study Abroad: The required study abroad allows students to participate in an international field experience in one of the world's wine producing regions. The field experience is structured to maximize the learning experience through site visits, tours, and presentations.

Internship: The required internship is an educational plan designed to integrate classroom study with planned, supervised, and evaluated work experience in the wine industry. The internship offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to combine career, social, and personal growth with the educational process.

Minor: Students also complete a required minor (25 to 36 credits) from one of several academic areas that compliment the student’s interest area and career goals. Permission by major advisor is needed to apply for a minor. Examples of minors include: Business, Retail Management and Technology, World Languages, Economics, and Tourism Management.

Who is it for?

The Wine Studies degree is for anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in the wine industry. CWU encourages international students, veterans, and working professionals to apply as well as traditional students. The WS degree prepares graduates for a variety of wine industry careers.


  • Possession of wine business skills for the global market.
  • Fundamental knowledge of viticulture and winemaking.
  • Ability to identify wines produced from major wine regions of the world.
  • Understanding of costs and price structures of wine from field to the marketplace.
  • Ability to use professional tasting techniques for wine evaluation.

Admission Requirements

For complete admission requirements and program information, click here.

Application Process

For questions, call (509)963-1969 or email

Financial Obligations

Normal tuition now applies for WS courses. There are fees attached to courses when wine analysis or field trips are required.  The courses are eligible for student financial aid.

Program Faculty

Dr. John E. Hudelson- Assistant Professor for the Wine Studies degree at CWU. John has worked as a viticulture researcher at Cornell University’s Agricultural Experimental Station, served as V.P. of Operations for the Hudson Valley Wine and Grape Association, been the chemist of a large U.S. winery, and taught at several colleges in the Northeast. Furthermore, John has been a viticulturist and winemaker for 21 years. Having traveled and worked in Europe, Africa, South America, and the United States, he brings a unique global perspective to the classroom.



Jill Perillo Clark is a Sommelier and a Central Washington University Alumni. She holds a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a Masters of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education - both obtained from CWU. Jill earned her Sommelier certification from the renowned Court of Master Sommeliers institution based in London, England. Jill also offers more than 15 years of experience working within our local wine industry. Jill's background includes working in events and tourism with Chateau Ste. Michelle, working as a wholesale wine sales representative in western Washington and experience working as a wine specialist for two of the Northwest's largest food retailers: Haggen Food and Pharmacy and QFC. In addition, Jill has also worked as a writer, publishing articles focused on food, wine and tourism for Washington Tasting room magazine, Mid-Columbian and Inland NW. In all of her courses Jill infuses her passion for local ingredients, sustainable practices and social responsibility.



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