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Family and Consumer Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty and Staff



  • Duane Dowd, Ph.D., FCS Chair, Associate Professor, Family and Child life
  • Kimberlee Bartel, Ph.D., Professor, Business and Marketing Education
  • Jill Clark , M.S., Lecturer, Wine Studies
  • Amy Claridge, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Family and Child life
  • Andrea Eklund, M.S., Professor, Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising
  • Sarah Feeney, Ph.D., Associate Professor,Family and Child life
  • John Hudelson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wine Studies
  • Carla Jellum, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management
  • Se Eun Lee, Ph.D., Lecturer, Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management
  • Jodi Musser, M.S., Lecturer, Business & Marketing and Family & Consumer Sciences Career and Technical Education
  • Katy Tenhulzen, M.S., Lecturer, Family and Child Life
  • Astrid Vidalon Shields, M.S., Assistant Professor, Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising



Emeritus Faculty

  • Dorothy Chase, Ph.D. Recreation and Tourism
  • Marla Wyatt, Ph.D. Family and Consumer Sciences Education


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