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Family and Consumer Sciences


The Association was organized in 1927.  Prior to 1927, the U. S. Commissioner of Education scheduled home economics teacher conferences to consider various education problems.  One of the problems emphasized the need for city supervisors and teachers to work together to strengthen home economics education in urban areas. 

In 1927, the American Home Economics Association President asked Commissioner Tigert to schedule a conference at AHEA's twentieth annual meeting in Asheville, North Carolina.  Those who attended the conference felt a great urgency to continue meeting as a group.  They felt the need to identify with educators as well as home economists and elected to hold their next meeting with the American Association of School Administrators at their annual meeting in Atlantic City.  In 1930, the organization, called the Department of Supervisors and Teachers of Home Economics, became the twenty-second department of the National Education Association (NEA) and was granted a national charter.  In 1938, the name was changed to Department of Home Economics, NEA. 

The Department of Home Economics was incorporated in 1969 because of structural changes in the National Education Association.  At the time of incorporation, the name was changed to the Home Economics Education Association.  The Association was one of 17 affiliates of the National Education Association. 

Constitutional changes of the NEA in 1975 reestablished the status of the Home Economics Education Association to that of a non-governance affiliate.  A non-governance affiliate is defined as a self-governing professional organization that is comprised of at least 75% NEA members with a common occupation or subject matter assignment which is organized to further specific educational objectives. 

In 1995 the Association changed its name from the Home Economics Education Association to the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Association.  The change was made to keep the Association name consistent with profession changes. 

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education Association (FCSEA), is a non-profit organization of Family and Consumer Sciences educators working to improve the quality of instruction and to broaden the scope of curriculum. 

FCSEA promotes effective programs, supplements existing services, cooperates with related associations, and publishes materials for our profession. 

FCSEA works with other organizations on public policy through the National Coalition for Family and Consumer Sciences.  Officers are elected by a mail ballot from the membership.  Membership dues are $25.00 a year.  Members receive two newsletters and one or two monographs a year.  Monographs are 40 to 80 page publications that provide information and camera ready classroom resources on current curriculum issues or topics. 

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