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White Research Group

The White research group studies strongly correlated electron phenomena and ground states in novel oxide and intermetallic condensed matter systems.  These phenomena include, but are not limited to, unconventional superconductivity, magnetic order, spin- and charge-density waves, heavy fermion physics, non-Fermi liquid behavior, and classical and quantum critical behavior.

The often delicate interplay between these correlated electron phenomena can be studied and exploited in the laboratory by tuning a system away from its natural ground state towards distinct ground states using a non-thermal control parameter such as applied pressure, applied magnetic field, or chemical composition.  There are numerous examples of new and often unanticipated physics that have emerged near the boundary between two correlated electron ground states, and there is every indication that more surprises await discovery.

The interesting correlated electron phenomena and ground states discussed above can be studied by performing relatively simple measurements of physical properties such as electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and specific heat as functions of temperature, magnetic field, and/or applied pressure. While these standard probes of correlated electron physics are incredibly useful, the White research group is also interested in investigating these phenomena using other complimentary, but underutilized probes such as measurements of thermoelectric power and thermal expansion.

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