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Snowden's Teaching Page:

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Courses taught at Central Washington University:

  • PHYS 102 Introductory Astronomy II: An introduction to solar system astronomy and mission planning.
  • PHYS 106 Physics Inquiry: A conceptual physics course focused on hands-on activity-based learning.
  • PHYS 181-183 Introductory Physics (Calculus Based): A year-long integrated lecture/lab series that uses small class sizes and active learning techniques to teach introductory physics.
  • PHYS 301-302 Stellar Astrophysics: Physics of stellar atmospheres, interiors, and evolution. Note, this course is now taught by Dr. Fallsheer.
  • PHYS 321 Gateway to Space: A hands-on introduction to the Earth's atmosphere and space instrumentation that gives students the opportunity to build a high-altitude balloon experiment.
  • PHYS 361 Computational Physics: An introduction to Mathematica and MATLAB as well as numerical methods commonly used in science and engineering.
  • PHYS 421 Planetary Physics: Physics of planetary interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres; the formation and evolution of planets; and orbital dynamics.
  • PHYS 461 Advanced Computational Physics: This course builds on PHYS361 by teaching students more complex numerical methods and programming techniques.  Students also learn to program in Python.

Courses in Development:

  • Astrobiology: Origins and Life in the Universe
  • Computational Physics (Online)

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