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Dr. R Salter

Dept. of Computer Science



Contact Info:  
phone (509) 963-2295
office 224E, Samuelson
address 400 E University Way

Ellensburg, WA 98926   



Link to Crimson and Black article on Teaching with Tech:

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Classes:     Education:  
CS 101 Computer Basics  


Ph.D. Cornell University, New York

CS102 Health and Technology    

M.S. New Mexico State University, New Mexico

CS 184 New Tech in CS      
CS 325 Technical Writing in CS      
CS 489 Senior Colloquium      



I received my B.S. and M.S. degrees from New Mexico State University, where I studied Plant Breeding, an area that may be described as applied plant genetics. My Ph.D. is from Cornell University, in Plant Breeding and Biometry (their word for Statistics), and Pathology. I also had a post-doctoral position with the University of Maryland/USDA, in Beltsville, studying laboratory-generated protein patterns.

I was able to thoroughly integrate scientific research with practical applications while working with what was, at the time, the world’s largest seed company, Pioneer Hi-Bred. I managed a Pathology Project and Lab for six years with them. This has set me up for preparing and organizing lessons, workspaces, and the classroom, as I developed and carried out training for personnel from around the world.

I was the only scientist on staff at a production agriculture company and therefore was exposed to the entire spectrum of issues that arose, including computerizing the office in which I worked and determining software needs and requirements.

Since then, my work has centered around providing support to producers with software problems and concerns and assisting them with managing their data flow. We own and operate several small computer companies, providing software and hardware solutions to other small companies. I provide training and support both remotely and on-site, where I am able to do a bit of training in Spanish, a language in which I have some skills.

I have written or co-written many technical publications; this includes published articles as well as software documentation and user guides.

I have been teaching here at CWU for over six years now, and while I know my students have learned from me, I often feel as though I have learned even more from them. Definitely a case where “work” does not have to feel like work!

I love computers, love teaching, and thoroughly enjoy the university environment. This is where I get to experience all three in confluence.






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