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Faculty Senate

General Education Committee

The Faculty Senate General Education Committee shall be concerned with the study, development and improvement of the general education program. The committee shall review and recommend programs and policies of general education in close cooperation with appropriate academic administrators. It shall perform other duties as may be requested by or approved by the Senate Executive Committee.


General Education Mission Statement

In alignment with Central Washington University's mission, the General Education Program helps to prepare graduates to become responsible citizens, to explore and understand the natural world, and to become independent learners toward the end of leading enlightened and productive lives. The responsibility of the General Education Program is to offer students multiple and varied opportunities to engage with, inquire about, and interrogate ideas in order to liberate and enrich our students' greatest potential as human beings. Through the General Education curriculum, students will be introduced to an intellectual legacy that includes the best ideas, methodologies, and accomplishments in the broad areas of the natural sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, the humanities, and the arts. In addition, students will develop through repeated praxis the habits of mind and modes of expression essential to leading enlightened and productive lives in their local and global communities.

2017-18 Faculty Senate General Education Committee

Meetings are held every other Monday at 3:00 p.m. in Barge 412. 


Jeff Dippmann (CAH)06/14/19Philosophy & Religious Studies  
Morgan Bliss (CEPS)06/14/20ETSC  
Rebecca Pearson (CEPS)06/14/19Health Sciences 
John Bowen (COTS)06/14/19Geography  
Jim Johnson (COTS)06/14/18Biological Sciences  
Thomas Tenerelli (CB)06/14/18Finance & SCM  
Melissa Becker (CB)06/14/19Accounting 
Jill Hoxmeier (Member-At-Large)06/14/18Health Sciences  
Holly Pinkart (Member-At-Large)06/14/18Biological Sciences 
Laurie Moshier (Member-At-Large)06/14/18World Language 
Vacant (ex-officio, non-voting) Provost's Representative 


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