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Faculty Senate

Evaluation & Assessment Committee

The Faculty Senate Evaluation and Assessment Committee shall be concerned with assessment tools affecting faculty or requiring faculty input. It shall receive, review, initiate, and make recommendations or proposals for assessment tools used for the biennial Faculty Assessment of Academic Administrators, the biennial Faculty Senate and Senate Executive Committee Assessments, and do such other similar things as charged by the Senate Executive Committee, coordinating its efforts with other individuals, groups or committees as necessary or appropriate.

2016-17 Evaluation & Assessment Committee

  • Every other Friday at 1:00 
NameTermDepartmentPhone NumberE-mail
John Hudelson (CEPS)06/14/17FCS509.963.2744
Terry Wilson (CB)06/14/19Management509.963.xxxx 
Maurice Blackson (LIB)06/14/17Library Services509.963.xxxx 
Martin Kennedy(CAH)06/14/
James Bisgard (COTS)06/14/


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