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Faculty Senate

Academic Affairs Committee

The Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee shall be concerned with the study and improvement of academic standards, academic policies, and academic organizational structures. The committee shall review and recommend changes to academic policy (section five of the CWU Policies manual, Academic Policies). It shall perform other duties as may be requested by or approved by the Senate Executive Committee.

2016-17 Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meets at 3:30 p.m. on 2nd and 4th Thursdays in Barge Hall  412/304


NameTermDepartmentPhone NumberE-mail
David Martin (CEPS)06/14/
Rodney Bransdorfer(CAH)06/14/18World
Clem Ehoff (CB)06/14/
Janet Finke (CEPS)06/14/
Daniel Lipori, Chair (CAH)06/14/
Christos Graikos (COTS)06/14/19Computer
Danielle Neal (COTS)06/14/18Law &
Deepak Iyengar(CB)06/14/19Finance &
Wendy Cook, ex officio, non-voting ADCO Representative509.963.xxxx 
Tim Englund, ex officio, non-voting Provost's Representative509-963.3076 


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