Teaching at CWU

As a public regional comprehensive university, CWU strives to create an engaging learning environment and therefore places its highest priority on teaching, learning, and student success. As a faculty member it is your responsibility to understand and apply CWU’s policies related to teaching and learning and to continuously improve the learning experience for your students and the teaching experience for you.

These pages provide a one-stop shop for teaching resources at Central Washington University. Teaching Resources provides policy and professional development resources. Teaching Support Systems gives information on the management systems and software used at CWU to support teaching. Teaching Forms has links to forms related to teaching including forms to schedule a course already in the catalog. Creating a new course requires submission through Curriculog (see Teaching Support Systems).

Teaching Workload: A typical faculty workload will have around 80% teaching including individual studies, cooperative education, and supervision. Appendix A of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the United Faculty of Central and CWU outlines the types of courses offered and how workload is assigned.

FERPA: Faculty are expected to understand and follow the regulations set out in CWU’s policy on Student Records (CWUP 2-20-070) based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA training is required of faculty annually.

Please contact the Associate Vice Provost if something you need is missing so it can be added.