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Small Works Application

Contractors requesting pre-qualification under the CWU Small Works Roster procedure are required to complete the following application and to submit all information as may be required in support thereof.

Full name or name of business
Address City State Zip
Address City State Zip
If incorporated, state resident agent and address. If Partnership or Sole Proprietorship, state managing person and address
Address City Sate Zip
Please check the categories of services for which your company is qualified and licensed to perform. Provide years of experience, attach three (3) references, and three (3) brief project examples per category information for pre-qualification review.

You can upload your attachments here or you can fax, email, or USPS to the Facilities Management Office. Maximum file size of 16MB and file extensions allowed are rtf, doc, docx, pdf

Failure to submit required paperwork may result in an unapproved application.