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Project/Service Requests

The manner in which we provide service to the campus community varies depending on the nature of each individual need. 

To better direct your request or provide resolution to your problem, please contact FMD's Work Control Staff at (509) 963-3000.  They will assist with defining the need and direct the request to the proper personnel. 

Work Orders or Service Requests:

For online input of a Work Order (repairs, etc.) or Service Request (moving requests, etc.) 

  1. Sign into the Wildcat Connection. 
  2. Click on Campus Repair & Maintenance. 
  3. Click on Campus Repair & Maintenance.
  4. Click on Submit Customer Request. 
  5. Complete form.


Project Requests:

To generate a request for an estimate for work being considered, which if approved, will generate a work order: Improvement Project Request (IPR) Form (Excel File) / (PDF File)


Capital Project Proposal Form (Word File) / (PDF File)

Fax completed form to (509) 963-1015