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Facilities Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Ph: (509) 963-3000

Lock Shop Hours:
By appointment only
Ph: (509) 963-2917

Mail Services Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Ph: (509) 963-1807

Central Stores Summer Hours: 
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Ph: (509) 963-2055

Physical Address:
Jongeward Plant Services, 
205 East 11th Avenue
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7523

Mailing Address
Central Washington University
Facilities Management Department
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7523

Campus Mail Stop: 7523

24-Hour Telephone Line:
(509) 963-3000


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Travel has returned to the normal approval process - see paragraph "Online Reservation Form" below.  For any questions, or help ensuring timely reservation approval(s) please call (509) 963-3000.

Office hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
Phone: 509-963-3259
Emergency Phone: 509-963-3000 while using a State vehicle
Location: Jongeward Plant Operations Building 205 E.11th Ave.
(Corner of 11th Avenue & Wildcat Way)

Motor Pool provides safe and reliable rental vehicles to CWU staff, faculty, and students at competitive and less than or comparable rates of Enterprise and other Washington State Higher Ed institutions.


The use of Motor Pool vehicles are for any CWU staff, faculty, or students only. No children, pets, smoking, or non CWU individuals are allowed in any State vehicle. State vehicles are reserved for official university business and cannot be driven to a personal residence. If you are traveling long distance a CWU gas credit card will be checked out to the driver when the keys are picked up.  Inspect your vehicle prior to and directly after use for damages. 

Due to the increased rate of accidents, departments renting vehicles will be responsible for bearing the cost of insurance deductibles for all accidents.  If the cost of the damage is less than the deductible, the departments will incur the repair costs.  


Staff, Faculty, Students: A Motor Pool Request is required to reserve any type vehicle; the form is found online at, click on Submit Request. Secretaries may complete the Motor Pool request form, however, a drivers name is now required to complete the form. An email will be sent to the signature authority once the Motor Pool request form is submitted. (Note: A vehicle is not reserved until the signature authority authorizes the rental.) Once the rental is authorized, the requestor will receive an email confirming their reservation. Keys, mileage card, and gas card (if needed) must be picked up at the Motor Pool office during normal business hours. If you are departing outside of normal business hours, pick up the keys prior to close of business a day ahead of time. Vehicles cannot be removed from the Motor Pool parking lot until scheduled time of departure.

Clubs & Organizations: CWU Motor Pool rents vehicles to CWU departments including Clubs and Organizations for various Club/Organization related activities. To ensure that a vehicle is available for your event, be sure to reserve your vehicle well in advance of travel. In order to reserve a Motor Pool vehicle you must have the club account set up and complete an expense form; this is done in the Accounting office, located at the SURC 263. Once an expense form is completed and approved, complete the online form to reserve the vehicle. See also SURC Accounting

Vehicle Not Available:  You can check vehicle availability on the online form. If a vehicle is not available, call Motor Pool for additional information.

Travel Procedures and Policies


When the trip is completed the driver will return the vehicle to the Motor Pool parking lot.  Complete the mileage form with the starting and ending mileage and time. Place the form, the keys, and gas card (if assigned) into the key drop box in front of the Jongeward building. If it’s during business hours, the driver can return the keys inside.


5 Passenger Sedans: $24 /day, and $ 0.29 /mile
8 Passenger Van: $30 /day, and $0.40 /mile 
10 Passenger Van: $32 /day, and $.0.45 /mile
12 Passenger Van: $34 /day, and $.0.51 /mile
Golf Cart: $10 per day


The WorkSafe Institute of Washington has developed a course designed to provide drivers with the critical safe driving techniques necessary to reduce the rollover potential associated with 15-Passenger vans.  Central Washington University has adopted this training program as a requirement for all staff, faculty, and students who drive university 12-Passenger vans.  

The course outlines the differences between 15-Passenger vans and standard passenger vehicles, load vs. no-load stability factors, issues of visual misperception, and useful tips and techniques for parking and navigation.  

If you ar a first time driver of a CWU 12-Passenger van, you must complete the course in person at the Motor Pool office.  Come in anytime during normal business hours and listen to a 20 minute tutorial and then take the exam.  Drivers are required to renew their certification every two years.  Renewals may be achieved via the online test.  

The online test is only for drivers who have been previously certified.  Contact the office at 963-3259 to request a username and password.  Click the link below to renew your certification. 

Van-Safety Renewal Quiz 

Washington State requires all 15-Passenger van certified drivers to complete the Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement and the Safe Driving Practices Acknowledgment Statement. This form must be renewed every two years.

These forms need to be filled out completely and returned to the Motor Pool office before initial operation of the van. A copy of the signed form will be maintained on file in the Motor Pool office and a copy will be provided to the driver if so desired. If you are a first-time user, these statement forms will be given to each driver at the time of the tutorial. If you are renewing your certification, click the link below, to print a copy of the form to complete. These forms may be dropped off at the Motor Pool office, scanned and emailed (call for email address), or sent to MS 7523.

Van Safety Statements


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