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Campus Master Plan

2013 Master Plan - June 2013 draft

2015 Interactive Map



  A.1 South Neighborhood Planning Study 2007
  A.2 South Neighborhood Planning Study 2010
  A.3  Campus Landscape Plan 2010
  A.4  Campus Circulation Plan 2011
  A.5 Campus Parking Analysis 2013
  A.6 Signage and Wayfinding Plan 2010
  A.7 John Wayne Pioneer Trail Reconnection Study


  E.1 CWU Sports and Event Center Strategic Plan 2010
  E.2 Old Heat Plant Pre-Design Study 2009
  E.3 Conference Program Task Force Report 2011
  E.4 Project and Planning Rendezvous 2006
  E.5 Planning Rendezvous 2009
  E.6 Winter Campus Planning Rendezvous 2010
  E.7 CWU / City / County / Community Planning Forum