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Core Values



To treat others and be treated with respect;
To perform with integrity, honestly and professionalism;
To participate constructively in open communication;
To help to resolve issues;
To improve work performance;
To take an active part in generating a mutually supportive environment

Treat others and be treated with respect:

  • Be considerate and cooperative;
  • Recognize that diversity is an asset and
  • Value the cultural, physical and professional difference among us;
  • Make no unwelcome or discriminatory comments; and
  • Report discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or retaliation.

Perform with integrity, honesty and professionalism:

  • Report to work on time;
  • Embrace policies, labor contracts, directives and expectations;
  • Be effective and productive in the performance of our jobs;
  • Ask for clarification when unsure; and
  • Verify the accuracy of information before repeating it.

Participate constructively in open communication:

  • Use staff meetings and informational materials to stay informed of
  • Unit, department and CWU goals and work objectives;
  • Give and accept positive and constructive feedback; and
  • Advise other when our work will impact them.

Help to resolve issues:

  • Discuss job concerns with our co-workers;
  • Participate inclusively in problem solving and decision-making;
  • Know which units are responsible for different types of work
  • so that we can make quick and correct referrals; and
  • Acknowledge communication differences.

Improve work performance:

  • Contribute and share ideas and expertise to encourage efficiency and productivity;
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities including those focused on the world views, cultures and lifestyles of our diverse community.

Take an active part in generating a mutually supportive environment:

  • Recognize that we are all doing our best;
  • Offer assistance when we can;
  • Be reasonable in the demands we make on each other; and
  • Develop relationships and activities to serve the vision and mission of Central Washington University.