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Facilities Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Ph: (509) 963-3000

Lock Shop Hours:
By appointment only
Ph: (509) 963-2917

Mail Services Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Ph: (509) 963-1807

Central Stores Summer Hours: 
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Ph: (509) 963-2055

Physical Address:
Jongeward Plant Services, 
205 East 11th Avenue
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7523

Mailing Address
Central Washington University
Facilities Management Department
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7523

Campus Mail Stop: 7523

24-Hour Telephone Line:
(509) 963-3000


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Campus Mail

Please see our updated delivery schedule - Fall 2021 Route Schedule

Packages should be labeled and ready to ship.  Please fill out a "Package Shipment Form" and include it with your outbound packages.  If no service level is specified, we will attempt to ship at whichever service has the lowest rate. 

Mail will be billed to your department's primary mail speedkey which we have on file.  Please email Mail Services if you need to update a speedkey for the new year.  

For student package information, you may also contact the Barto Reslife office at 509-963-1323 or

Mail Services can be reached from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at 509-963-1807 or by email at

About Us

University Mail Service provides delivery and pick-up services to over 190 departments at 39 buildings across the campus twice each day.  Statistically CWU Mail Services receives and distributes over 50,000 letters, intra-campus mail and parcels every month.

Our Mission

Provide expedient, accurate, cost-effective U.S. Mail, private carrier delivery and shipping services to University departments in support of the educational mission of the University.  These services will be provided by courteous professionals consistently striving to exceed customer's expectations.  Mail services will also act as the liaison with the U.S.  Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and other private carriers of correspondence and materials, both domestic and international.

Intra-Campus Mail

Intra-Campus Mail is generally considered mail without postage, sent from one MAIL STOP location to another MAIL STOP location.

All Intra-Campus Mail must comply with Federal Private Express Statutes.

University Mail Service will not process internal campus mailings that do not comply with relevant statutes and policies.

In accordance with federal law, University Mail Service will only accept internal mailings from "bona fide" University organizations for delivery on-campus that clearly demonstrate that the subject of the mailing relates to the current business of the University.  Generally, an organization seeking to use the University's internal mail system must be engaged in activities which are recognized as activities of the University.

A "bona fide" University organization is an organization whose functions are closely related to the traditional concerns of the University

University Mail Service may audit all campus mailings for content by visually inspecting a random sample from mailings to ensure compliance with the relevant statutes and policies.

How to Prepare Intra-Campus Mail

Intra-Campus Mail should be kept separate from all other mail and labeled as "INTRA-CAMPUS MAIL" if it is not placed inside an Intra Campus Mail envelope.

When using Intra-Campus Mail envelopes to send correspondence, make sure all previous addresses have been marked out to ensure proper delivery.  The address you are sending to should always appear on the last line below the previous address.

University Mail Service encourages the use of reusable Intra-Campus Mail envelopes.  Despite our efforts to keep the campus supplied with these envelopes, the demand is greater than our supply.  If you have an excess supply of reusable envelopes, please send them to University Mail Service at MS 7402 so we may put them back into circulation.  Label your rubber banded bundle of empty envelopes as "Empty Envelopes for Reuse" and be sure that all envelopes are empty before returning them to Mail Services.

University Mail Services delivers to assigned MAIL STOPS only.  A listing of all DEPARTMENTS & MAIL STOP numbers can be found here.  Mail that is vaguely addressed could delay the delivery of your mail or result in having the mail piece returned to you for a deliverable address.

When you are not using Intra-Campus Mail envelopes to send Intra-Campus Mail, please do not include a city, state and ZIP CODE line in the address.  This will help identify your mail as Intra-Campus Mail and avoid confusion with USPS mail.  A complete name or department and their MAIL STOP number is all that is needed to insure proper delivery.

Campus Addresses:

For faculty and staff, your CWU address is:

Department Name
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926 + four-digit mailstop

For students in dorms or Anderson Apartments:

Hall name and room number
Residence Hall address
Ellensburg, WA 98926 + four-digit extension

For students in campus apartments

Street address and apartment number
Ellensburg, WA 98926 + four-digit extension

Campus Mailstop ZIP + 4 directory

Mail Stop Directory

Centers' Mail

Mailing to Center from Campus

If you have materials that need to be mailed to any University Center, simply package and label as usual - Center location, Mail Stop (and contact if required). Use interoffice mail or drop at Mail Services (there will be no additional "drop sites"). From small envelopes to boxes of catalogs - Mail Services will repackage if necessary and mail the materials appropriately. USPS items usually arrive the next day (in Washington State) with emphasis on "usually". If your materials need a guaranteed delivery date, Mail Services will ship based on need.

Mailing from Centers to Campus or other Centers

Each University Center already uses USPS via the community college mailing services. In cases where materials are needed immediately or cannot be sent via USPS, the Centers are equipped with materials and trained staff to use the FedEx shipment system. Faculty and service staff will communicate with office staff on their shipping needs.

Courier Service

Courier Service is available on an as-needed basis. Please contact Forrest Swinhart at to schedule this service, or if you have any questions about mailing to and from the Centers.

Delivery and Pickup Schedules

Mail is delivered to each building once daily. Outgoing mail will usually go out the same day if we receive it before 4 p.m. If you have large quantities of outgoing mail, call us so we can make arrangements to accommodate you. Student mail pick up and delivery will occur twice a day.

Complete Delivery and Pickup Schedule

How To Prepare Mailings

Desktop Mail
  • Identify mail with a complete return address, being sure to specify your office or department name.
  • If you are using your own design we strongly encourage you to check with us first to make sure it fits postal regulations, and to help you determine the best way to mail it.
  • All domestic and first class letter-sized mail pieces must bear the endorsement "address service requested".
  • You may complete and send the Charge Slip with your mail if your mail needs charged to a specific budget or to designate the class of mail or additional services.
Bulk Mail
  • Bulk mailings must be coordinated for design standards with Graphics and Marketing and Mail Services prior to printing.
    • Contact Public Affairs with any Graphics or Marketing questions
  • All bulk-mailing address lists must be sent to Mail Services at for address cleansing within 95 days of mailing date. (REQUIRED)
  • Request and use U.S.P.S. Postal Trays.
  • Place letters in trays in zip code order, lowest zip in front of tray to highest zip in rear of tray, remove foreign addresses.
  • Do Not Overlap flaps.
  • Send mailing,  Design and Mailing Coordination Form and NCOA Link Certification Form (received back with your completed address list) to Mail Services.

Package Shipment Form

Package Shipment Form

Postage Charges

Postage is charged for services that are more expensive than First Class Letters and Flats, for grant or self-support budgets, and for bulk mailings. We generally bill at the end of each month.
To designate specific First Class/Desk Top charges other than your primary account, provide a Charge Slip.

Mail Supplies Request Form

Mail Supplies Request Form

Department Updates

Use this form any time you need to update department information in regard to Mail Services. Contact person, phone number, building move, budget change, etc. Updates should be done at least annually. Mail Services uses this information for proper mail and parcel service charges, campus wide mail and phone book distribution and notification to departments of important mail changes. Please complete the entire form and print a copy for your records.

Mail Services Department Update Form

Contact Information

Forrest Swinhart
Phone 509.963.1807

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