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2017-2019 State Capital Budget Requests

To:       President’s Administrative Team

From:   Steve DeSoer, Vice President, Operations

Re:       CWU 2017-2019 Capital Budget Request Process

As discussed in our last PAT meeting, the process leading to our capital budget funding request begins now.  This is your invitation to participate in the CWU capital planning process, which will result in our prioritized capital budget request. In August 2016, we will submit to the state budget office our formal capital funding request for the 2017-2019 biennium. 

One project, Health Sciences, already has been funded for pre-design and design funding. This investment makes it our top priority for the next biennial budget request.

We are asking you to assist us in identifying the emerging needs of our students, faculty and staff so that we may articulate what campus capital changes are necessary to meet the those needs. The proposed changes may be as simple as an update to a previous submission, an adaptive reuse of an old facility, or the launch of a brand new initiative. 

To assist in ensuring a comprehensive approach to this planning process, please see the following links.

Capital Budget Requests Website:
This website gives you an overview of our capital planning process and how it links to our aspirational master plan.

Embedded within this page are hotlinks to the following information:

o State Capital Budget Development Timeline
o Current Combined 10 Year Capital Plan
o 2017-2019 Capital Budget Request Online Form
o Service, Maintenance, and Capital Definitions

Please remember that you need to submit the prioritized needs for your unit, via the online form, by December 1, 2015.

Thank you.