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Exploratory Advising

First Year Students

During your first year, you will be assigned to a professional academic advisor that can help you:

  • Make the transition to the university
  • Explore majors/minors or other areas of professional study
  • Interpret and learn university academic requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • Become more self-reliant and self-reflective in your decision making
  • Connect with appropriate resources on campus

The University Catalog

The Central Washington University Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog is your official source of information which includes academic policies, university procedures, and detailed descriptions of courses and program requirements. All catalogs are online at:

First year students follow the catalog they were given when they first entered the university to complete the general education requirements. Once you are accepted into your major, you need to follow the catalog which was active when you are admitted into your major. As an example, a student admitted into a major during fall quarter of 2019 would follow the major requirements listed in the 2019-2020 catalog. 

If you do not attend CWU for two consecutive quarters, excluding summer, you must reapply to your major and follow the requirements in the most current catalog.

AR Report

AR (Academic Requirements) Reports analyze the credits you have earned at CWU, the public two– and four-year schools in the state of Washington, and selected out-of-state two– and four-year schools. AR provides you and your advisor with information on how your courses meet the General Education, major, minor, and graduation requirements. If you do not understand your AR report, you may visit your academic advisor for help. For information on AR, and to request your own report, log onto MyCWU.

University 101

UNIV 101 is a required course for entering freshmen that assists students with learning about the University's policies and procedures, selecting a major, advising for general education and other forms of support.

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