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Events Outreach

Post-Event Evaluation

Please help us evaluate our event by completing this short questionnaire.  Indicate your level of satisfaction in each category. Please answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability. We will use your feedback to determine how we can improve our future events.


Central Washington University’s Expectations

Teamwork: Did the Events Outreach Staff cultivate and maintain positive working relationships and collaboration?

Productivity: Did the Event Outreach Staff organize, prioritize and balance work assignments to meet deadlines?

Creativity: Did the Event Outreach Staff Seek and nurture new and positive ideas; stay open and receptive to feedback to generate new ideas?

Respect: Did the Event Outreach Staff demonstrate respect toward you at all times, and address disagreements tactfully?

Did the Event Outreach Staff exercise appropriate independent judgment, planning insight, administrative, coordination implementation and assessment of event effectiveness?

Results and Quality

Did the event team deliver the results and quality that were promised?


The overall service on this event was...

Were key event deadlines established and met? Was there appropriate communication?

What was the Events Outreach Staff's knowledge of events and their professionalism?

Was there open and timely communication?

Did the event team listen, learn, and then execute solutions to overcome challenges? What was their level of flexibility?

Were there any conflicts with the program?  If so, what was the resolution and what can be done differently to prevent future conflicts?