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Events Outreach

How and When to Use Our Services

Plan and execute events that promote CWU and its goals.

Primary clients include the President's Office and University Advancement.

 What we (the Events Outreach staff) do:

  • Assist and/or coordinate a full line of meetings and events
  • Provide guidance to ensure compliance of University policies and procedures that apply to the Event
  • Confirm and finalize the date for the meeting or event based on the request, space availability, and campus calendar
  • Confirm that the event is added to the appropriate calendar
  • Reserve Venue and Prepare Contract/Agreement
  • Confirm the room setup
  • Arrange for registration table if needed
  • Coordinate event logistics
  • Provide protocol advice when President is in attendance
  • Develop proposals, budgets, and timelines
  • Recommends vendors
  • Present Options (when possible) for events that will include catering menus
  • Caterer’s Contract after the approval
  • Confirm beverages
  • Request Banquet Permit (needed when serving alcohol)
  • Request Special Occasion License (needed when selling alcohol)
  • Request Floral Arrangements
  • Arrange for technological needs and audiovisual setup
  • Event Briefing Memo
  • Seating arrangements
  • Debriefs with client and stakeholders upon completion of event

What we will expect you (the Client) to do:

  • Complete the online Events Outreach request form
  • Select your preferred and optional/back-up dates
  • Identify your audience, target market and guests
  • Collaborate with Public Affairs and other stakeholders to develop marketing strategies
  • Develops event budget and submits the budget number on the Request Form
  • Identify setup needs
  • Identify any additional requests or needs, for example catering and/or audiovisual needs
  • Compile your event guest list
  • Develop outreach materials – Invitations, Facebook, Web, Media
  • Manages and collect RSVPs
  • Report attendance count to Events Office
  • Enter event information in Raiser’s Edge
  • Design and create name tags
  • Secure on-site staff if needed

If the President is in attendance:

  • Check the President’s Availability, if required
  • Client to submit President’s Scheduling Request, if required
  • Clarifies President's participation in program, including any speaking roles.
  • Provides suggestions and “talking points” for President's remarks
  • Provides the President’s Office with a guest list and Attendees' background information