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Events Outreach

Events Outreach Food/Beverage Check List

(Updated March 21, 2012)

Yes/No Notes/Coments
___/__Name and Date of Event __________________________
___/__What is the timing for all aspects of event __________________________
___/__Estimated Attendance__________________________
___/__Type of Meal – Breakfast   Brunch   Lunch   Dinner__________________________
___/__Reception – Heavy or Light Hors d’oeuvres__________________________
___/__Buffet or Plated __________________________
___/__If buffet, who will manage buffet table __________________________
___/__Does menu compensate for dietary restrictions__________________________
___/__Will alcohol be served __________________________
___/__Have permits been requested or purchased for alcohol__________________________
___/__Table Types – Round    Rectangle   Bistro __________________________
___/__Table Set-up – Reserved   Head Table   Square   U-Shape__________________________
___/__Preference for table linens and color choices__________________________
___/__Centerpieces and Decorations – How many needed__________________________
___/__Are there banners that need to be placed __________________________
___/__How much time is needed for set-up__________________________
___/__When will room be accessible__________________________
___/__Meal tickets needed/ who will collect /sample to caterer __________________________
___/__What time should guests be seated__________________________
___/__When should meal service begin__________________________
___/__When should tables be bussed__________________________
___/__If Head Table, will it be on a platform__________________________
___/__Will dignitaries eat at reserved tables then move to HT__________________________
___/__If buffet, will head table guests serve selves or pre-plated__________________________
___/__Is a room needed for VIP’s prior to event__________________________
___/__Are programs or menus needed – how distributed__________________________
___/__Is lectern needed – where should it be placed__________________________
___/__Is sound, screen, or projector needed __________________________
___/__Is Award Table needed – where should it be located__________________________
___/__How will awardees approach platform (handrails)__________________________
___/__Will spotlights be used on awardees or MC__________________________
___/__Will US Flag be present – Podium, Speakers Right__________________________
___/__Will national anthem be played__________________________
___/__Is background or dance music planned __________________________
___/__Entertainment planned – is additional stage space needed__________________________
___/__Will registration/welcome table be needed__________________________
___/__Will coat rack or check room be needed__________________________
___/__Will guest be allowed to re-enter function room__________________________
___/__What time is clean-up and removal of rental equipment __________________________