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Events Outreach

Barge Hall

LEARN about what we DO at Events Outreach to make your LIVEs easier!

The Events Outreach office provides support for events in the President’s Division and/or events that the President might attend. We can help you plan your meetings and events. Our Events Outreach staff will be happy to work with you on your event and support needs. Events Outreach can assist you by scheduling appropriate locations for events, discussing program flow and room configurations, providing logistical information about parking, catering and audiovisual support, and more.

Once you believe that you would like to host an event we ask that you submit online the Events Outreach request form. To effectively manage all events and meetings and the demands that they place on campus resources, both physical and human, we ask for a reasonable amount of time to arrange for support services while maintaining the University's ability to provide such services at a quality level. To that end, we strongly encourage you to start planning well in advance!  The earlier you plan, the less stress you will experience and the more successful your event will be! Events Outreach is happy to answer questions and provide assistance as you plan your event. We encourage anyone planning a meeting or an event to first complete the Events Outreach Request Form by clicking the link below. To initiate assistance from  Events Outreach, please complete this form and click the "submit" button to process your request.

Events Outreach Request Form