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Environmental Studies Program

College of the Sciences


The following Faculty (organized by Department affiliation) are active in the ENST program. 

Lene PedersenElvin Delgado
 Holly English 
 Bob Hickey 
BiologyAnthony Gabriel 
Clay ArangoJennifer Lipton 
Dan Beck Michael Pease 
Kris Ernest Megan Walsh
Holly Pinkart  
Lixing Sun 


Steve Wagner Geology
 Lisa Ely 
ChemistryKeegan Fengler 
Anne Johansen Breanyn MacInnes 
 Carey Gazis 
EconomicsSusan Kaspari 
Toni Sipic  
Chad Wassell Politcal Sceince
 Stefanie Wickstrom 
 Pamela McMullin-Messier 


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