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Environmental Studies Program

Central, High School Programs Measuring Pollution

College and high school students have joined an effort to study air pollution in Kittitas County, and are measuring pollution at locations around Ellensburg.

The Environmental Protection Agency is monitoring the county’s air quality over the next three years to determine whether it is at healthy levels and whether it meets federal air quality standards.

The State Department of Ecology and the Kittitas County Public Health Department are reaching out to people about their burning practices, but more hard data is needed to determine if there are problem areas in the county.

Central Washington University Professor Anne Johansen specializes in air pollution, and is working on air quality studies with students at Central. Her department received a $30,000 grant from the Department of Ecology for a pilot project, which was matched by a $5,000 grant from university.

“Just recently because of this whole movement to characterize our airshed a little bit more in detail … we got some funds to do this small pilot project,” Johansen said.

Read the rest of this story by Nicole Klauss of The Daily Record.

Fedruary 20, 2015

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