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College of Arts and Humanities

Spring Syllabi 2018

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ENG100T001Transitional EnglishBrouwer, Melissa
ENG100T002Transitional EnglishRenfro, Lexi
ENG100T003Transitional EnglishBello, Camille
ENG100T004Transitional EnglishJeffress, Kayla
ENG101001Comp I: Critical Read/RespondDalton, Zac
ENG101002Comp I: Critical Read/RespondReyna, Cindy Cecile
ENG101003Comp I: Critical Read/RespondAubol, Josh
ENG101004Comp I: Critical Read/RespondMcManis, Sam
ENG101005Comp I: Critical Read/RespondSaucedo, Emma
ENG101006Comp I: Critical Read/RespondStrole, Amy
ENG101007Comp I: Critical Read/RespondRampa, Peter
ENG101008Comp I: Critical Read/RespondDucken, Seanse
ENG101009Comp I: Critical Read/RespondJeffress, Kayla
ENG101010Comp I: Critical Read/RespondZencak, Victoria
ENG101011Comp I: Critical Read/RespondStrole, Amy
ENG101012Comp I: Critical Read/RespondStrole, Amy
ENG101 013 Comp I: Critical Read/RespondStrole, Amy
ENG101A01Comp I: Critical Read/RespondDringenberg, Stephanie
ENG102001Composition II: Reason/ResSmith, Tad
ENG102002Composition II: Reason/ResRenfro, Lexi
ENG102003Composition II: Reason/ResBrouwer, Melissa
ENG102004Composition II: Reason/ResHull, Karen
ENG102005Composition II: Reason/ResRenfro, Lexi
ENG102006Composition II: Reason/ResHull,Karen
ENG102007Composition II: Reason/ResDringenberg, Stephanie
ENG102008Composition II: Reason/ResSmith, Tad
ENG102009Composition II: Reason/ResJonas, Maili
ENG102010Composition II: Reason/ResSmith, Tad
ENG102011Composition II: Reason/ResBrouwer, Melissa
ENG102012Composition II: Reason/ResLeaverton, Kevin
ENG102013Composition II: Reason/ResLeaverton, Kevin
ENG102014Composition II: Reason/ResJonas, Maili
ENG102015Composition II: Reason/Res

Ducken, Seanse

ENG102016Composition II: Reason/ResDucken, Seanse
ENG102017Composition II: Reason/ResThomas, James Tyler
ENG102018Composition II: Reason/ResThomas, James Tyler
ENG102019Composition II: Reason/ResRoss, Amanda
ENG102020Composition II: Reason/ResCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG102021Composition II: Reason/ResReyna, Cindy Cecile
ENG 102022Composition II: Reason/ResThomas, James Tyler
ENG  102023Composition II: Reason/ResDucken, Seanse 
ENG102A01Composition II: Reason/ResDringenberg,Stephanie     
ENG102A02Composition II: Reason/ResDringenberg, Stephanie
ENG105001Lit Imagination: Intro LitHarper, Lila
ENG105002Lit Imagination: Intro LitSaucedo, Emma
ENG105003Lit Imagination: Intro LitReyna, Cindy Cecile
ENG105004Lit Imagination: Intro LitSchnelle, Robert
ENG105005Lit Imagination: Intro LitWilson, Shannon
ENG105006Lit Imagination: Intro LitSchnelle, Robert
ENG105007Lit Imagination: Intro LitHumphrey, Marisa
ENG105008Lit Imagination: Intro LitHumphrey, Marisa
ENG105009Lit Imagination: Intro LitHumphrey, Marisa
ENG105010Lit Imagination: Intro LitWilson, Shannon
ENG105011Lit Imagination: Intro LitRoss, Amanda
ENG105A03Lit Imagination: Intro LitRoss, Amanda
ENG247001Multicultural LiteratureO'Brien, Michelle
ENG263001Intr to Creative WritingCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG263A01Intr to Creative Writing

Dunning, Sonya 

ENG267001Screenwriting FundamentalsJohnson, Melissa
ENG302001Poetry and PoeticsZeller, Maya
ENG303001Principles of English StudiesPimomo, Paulus
ENG304001English Linguistics

Gray, Loretta

ENG310A01Technical Writing

Pengilly, Cynthia

ENG311001Business Writing

Rampa, Peter

ENG311002Business Writing

Rampa, Peter

ENG311003Business Writing

Rampa, Peter

ENG311A01Business Writing

Pengilly, Cynthia

ENG311A02Business Writing

Welsh, Joshua

ENG311 A03 Business Writing

Dunning, Sonya

ENG311 A04Business Writing

Rampa, Peter

ENG320A01English Grammar

Li, Charles X.

ENG331001Latina/o LiteratureCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG344001Cin Studies III: Film TheorySanders, Maria
ENG347A01Global Persp in LitO'Brien, Michelle
ENG357001Scriptwriting for Serial MediaSanders, Maria
ENG363001Shakespeare and the SupernaturalDrake, George
ENG366001Creative Nonfiction WritingVandeZande, Zach
ENG366 A01Creative Nonfiction WritingDunning, Sonya
ENG374001Literature and History IVPimomo, Paulus
ENG380001Studies in DramaLindsey, Natashia
ENG423001History of the English LangLi, Charles X
ENG435/535001Linguistics, Lit & TESOLLi, Charles X.
ENG453001Studies in Fiction 

Sutphin, Christine

ENG454A01Studies in Nonfiction

Pengilly, Cynthia

ENG460001Cinema Studies VJohnson, Melissa
ENG464001Advanced Fiction WritingVandeZande, Zach
ENG464A01Advanced Fiction WritingNorris, Lisa
ENG468001Contemporary Writers ColloqZeller, Maya
ENG468/568A01Contemporary Writers ColloqNorris, Lisa
ENG472A01Workplace Writing Research MethodsWelsh, Josh
ENG485001Manastash: Lit Des & ProdVandeZande, Zach
ENG489001Senior ColloquiumSutphin, Christine
ENG489A01Senior Colloquium

Dunning, Sonya

ENG490001Cooperative Education 
ENG493A01Online PracticumWelsh, Josh
ENG531001Principles and Pract of TESOLGray, Loretta
ENG535001Lingusitics, Lit and TESOLLi, Charles X.
ENG572001Workplace Writing ResearWelsh, Josh
ENG592001PracticumGray, Loretta
ENG592002PracticumGray, Loretta



HUM102001Expl. Cultures
from 16th-19th
Erdman, Ruthi.pdf
HUM102002Expl. Cultures
from 16th- 19th
Jeffress, Kayla.pdf
HUM103001Expl. Cultures in
Mod/Cont Socie
Leaverton, Kevin.pdf
HUM103 A01Expl. Cultures in 
Mod/Cont Socie
Martinson, Matt.pdf
HUM103A03Expl. Cultures in 
Mod/Cont Socie
Wilson, Shannon.pdf
HUM103A04Expl. Cultures in 
Mod/Cont Socie
Wilson, Shannon.pdf


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