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Master of Arts English: TESOL

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The M.A. in English (TESOL) is an intensive program that can be completed in four quarters. The program is designed to foster the awareness, understanding, and skills necessary for the effective teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Through study in language, pedagogy, and culture, it prepares educators to work with adult language learners in the United States and abroad. Graduates are qualified to work in colleges and universities, private institutes, and programs and schools in the United States and abroad that provide instruction in English.

Admission Requirements

Pre- or co-requisites to completion of the program include an upper-division linguistics course and intermediate-high proficiency in a second language. International students whose first language is not English automatically meet this proficiency prerequisite. Applicants can be admitted to the program without this background, but they will be required to gain it while enrolled in the program.

The language proficiency requirement may be met in one of three ways:

Thirty quarter credits of college courses in a world language with a minimum 3.0 GPA in those courses,

Intermediate-high score on the Diagnostic ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview, or

Intermediate-high score on the Diagnostic ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test.

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit a minimum TOEFL score of 570 paper-based (230 computer-based/91 internet-based); those with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited U. S. university may opt for a satisfactory TOEFL or GRE score. If the applicant's native language is English, scores for the GRE general test are required.

Plan of Study

New Program effective Fall 2011

The TESOL curriculum is designed to be completed sequentially in 3-4 quarters. The time required for completion of the program will depend upon whether the student chooses the thesis or exam option, and whether or not the student holds an assistantship or must fulfill any pre-requisites. Students who do not have the pre-requisites or who have assistantships are strongly advised to complete the program over a two-year period due to the challenging workload.

All applicants for assistantships must submit a writing sample of 5-10 pages directly to the Department of English. The writing sample must include the student's name, birth date, and Student ID number for identification. See more information about assistantships here.

Thesis or Exam Option: The thesis option requires candidates to write a thesis and pass a one-hour oral examination over the thesis. In order to choose the thesis option, students must have GPA of 3.75 or higher in the program. If the exam option is chosen, students must pass a comprehensive written examination and take an additional approved elective. In order to prepare for the exam, students will register for two credits of ENG 596.

Required Courses (35 credits)

Note: Since one of our faculty will be on sabbatical Winter and Spring quarters in 2012, we will be using course substitutions for ENG 531 and ENG 538.

ENG 531 Principles and Practices of TESOL (5)     Win. 
ENG 532 Phonetics and Phonology (5)Fall   Fall  
ENG 533 Second Language Acquisition (5) Win.   Win. 
ENG 535 Linguistics, Literature, and TESOL (5)  Spr.   Spr.
ENG 537 Pedagogical Grammar and Discourse I (5)Fall   Fall  
ENG 538 Pedagogical Grammar and Discourse II (5)      Spr.
ENG 592 Practicum (2)       
ENG 592 Practicum (3)       

Thesis Option:

ENG 700 Master's Thesis/Project (6)
Department-approved elective (4)

Exam Option:

ENG 596 Individual Study (Exam Preparation) (2)
Department-approved electives (8)

Total: 45 credits