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College of Arts and Humanities

George Drake

Department of English

L&L Bldg., 416 C
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7553


Professor of English

Curriculum Vitae | Publications & Conference Papers

I grew up near Portland, Oregon, earning my B.A. at Portland State University and M.A. at the the University of Oregon. During a 12-year hiatus from academics, I ran a family-owned advertising agency. After deciding I'd rather read books for a living, I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Washington. I have taught at CWU since 1998, specializing in eighteenth-century and Romantic period British literature, the novel, poetry, and literary theory. My current scholarly interests include narratology, space in literature, and the representation of embodied thinking in the novel. In my spare time I enjoy watching birds, peering through a telescope at faint nebulae, and suffering defeat from my more skilled colleagues at ping pong.


Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., English, University of Washington, 1997
  • M.A., English: University of Oregon, 1979.
  • B.A., English with Honors, Portland State University, 1976


  • English Department Chair, 2007-Present.
  • Professor, 2011-Present
  • Associate Professor, 2003-Present;
  • Assistant Professor, 1998-2003
  • Acting Instructor, University of Washington, 1997-98

Courses Taught

  • ENG 101: Composition I: Critical Reading and Responding
  • ENG 102: Composition II: Reasoning and Research
  • ENG 105: Introduction to the Literary Imagination
  • ENG 302: Poetry and Poetics
  • ENG 303: Principles of English Studies
  • ENG 306: English Literature II (1660 - 1832)
  • ENG 307: English Literature III (1832 - Present)
  • ENG 362: Shakespeare: The Later Plays
  • ENG 418: Literary and Critical Theory
  • ENG 453: The Novel and Narratology
  • ENG 448: World Novel I
  • ENG 451: The English Novel I
  • ENG 489: Senior Colloquium
  • ENG 410/514: Blake, Wollstonecraft, and the Age of Revolution
  • ENG 410/514: Wordsworth and Coleridge
  • ENG 410/514: Writing London
  • ENG 518: Advanced Literary and Critical Theory
  • HUM 102: Exploring Cultures from the 16th - 19th Centuries

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Publications & Conference Papers


  • "'Fanciful Devotion': Ritualization in Walter Scott's Old Mortality," Studies in Romanticism 49:1 (Spring 2010).
  • "Ritual in Joseph Andrews." Henry Fielding in Our Time, ed. J.A. Downie, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.
  • "'The Dialectics of Inside and Outside': Dominated and Appropriated Space in Defoe's Historical Fictions," Eighteenth-Century Fiction 14:2, January 2002.
  • "'The Ordinary Rules of the Pave':  Urban Spaces in Scott's Fortunes of Nigel,"  Studies in the Novel 33:4, Winter 2001/2.
  • "Placing the Canon: The Longman Anthology of British Literature", Pedagogy 1 (Winter 2001).
  • "Historical Space in the 'History of':  Between Public and Private in Tom Jones," ELH 66 (Fall 1999). 
  • "Tom Jones and Alsatia." Notes and Queries June 1997.

Recent Conference Papers

  • “The Book’s Body: Embodied Thinking and the Material Text in Sterne.” Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, October 2015.
    “‘To One Thing Constant Never’: Problematizing Historical Experience in Edgeworth and Scott.”  American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference (ASECS), V.ancouver, BC, March 2011.
    "Worldmaking in Edgeworth's Irish Novels" American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Albuquerque, NM, March 2010.
  • "What is Historical Space?" American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Richmond, VA, March 2009.
  • "Gothic Irony in The Minstrel and The Old Manor House." American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Portland, April 2008.
  • "Ritual in Joseph Andrews." Tercentenary Henry Fielding Conference, London, April 2007.
  • "'Where Gaming and Grace Each Other Embrace': Bath, Transgression, and Methodism in The New Bath Guide and The Spiritual Quixote." American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Las Vegas, April 2005.
  • "The Readers in Blake," Joint Northwest Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies/Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, November 2003.
  • "The Production of Urban Space in Charlotte Smith's Late Novels," Literary London Conference, London, July 2003.
  • "Wollstonecraft and the Politics of the Sublime," Northwest Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, November 2002
  • "Space and Causality in the Historical Tale,"  Northwest Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, November 2001.
  • "Gender, Georgic, and Geography in Wollstonecraft's Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark," National Association for the Study of Romanticism, August 2001
  • "Georgic Nationalism," Northwest Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, November 2000
  • "Scott's Urban Spaces," International Scott Conference, July 1999.
  • "History and Spatiality in Scott's Old Mortality," Modern Language Association, December 1998.


  • College of Arts and Humanities Distinguished Chair Award, 2009

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