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College of Arts and Humanities

Fall 2016


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ENG 100T.002

Transitional EnglishThomas, Tyler
ENG 100T.004Transitional EnglishRoss, Amanda
ENG 100T.006Transitional EnglishRoss, Amanda
ENG 101.001Comp I: Critical Read/RespondDalton, Zac
ENG 101.002Comp I: Critical Read/RespondRenfro, Alexis
ENG 101.003Comp I: Critical Read/RespondSaucedo, Emma
ENG 101.004Comp I: Critical Read/RespondMcManis, Sam
ENG 101.006Comp I: Critical Read/RespondJonas, Maili
ENG 101.007Comp I: Critical Read/RespondKilleen, Mary
ENG 101.008Comp I: Critical Read/RespondBambrick, Taneum
ENG 101.009Comp I: Critical Read/RespondJeffress, Kayla
ENG 101.010Comp I: Critical Read/RespondBorodey, Camille
ENG 101.012Comp I: Critical Read/RespondHeaps, Melissa
ENG 101.013Comp I: Critical Read/RespondThomas, Tyler
ENG 101.014Comp I: Critical Read/RespondHull, Karen
ENG 101.015Comp I: Critical Read/RespondHull, Karen
ENG 101.016Comp I: Critical Read/RespondHull, Karen
ENG 101.017Comp I: Critical Read/RespondJonas, Maili
ENG 101.018Comp I: Critical Read/RespondSmith, Tad
ENG 101.019Comp I: Critical Read/RespondThomas, Tyler
ENG 101.020Comp I: Critical Read/RespondAubol, Josh
ENG 101.021Comp I: Critical Read/RespondRampa, Peter
ENG 101.022Comp I: Critical Read/RespondLeaverton, Kevin
ENG 101.023Comp I: Critical Read/RespondRampa, Peter
ENG 101.024Comp I: Critical Read/RespondLeaverton, Kevin
ENG 101.026Comp I: Critical Read/RespondEpperson, Megan
ENG 101.027Comp I: Critical Read/RespondDucken, Seanse
ENG 101.028Comp I: Critical Read/RespondJohnson, Melissa
ENG 101.a01Comp I: Critical Read/RespondDringenberg, Stephanie
ENG 102.001Composition II: Reason/ResFoster, Shari
ENG 102.002Composition II: Reason/ResDringenberg, Stephanie
ENG 102.003Composition II: Reason/ResDringenberg, Stephanie
ENG 102.004Composition II: Reason/ResCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG 102.005Composition II: Reason/ResHutchins, E. Rick
ENG 102.006Composition II: Reason/ResSmith, Tad
ENG 102.007Composition II: Reason/ResFoster, Shari
ENG 102.008Composition II: Reason/ResDucken, Seanse
ENG 102.009Composition II: Reason/ResCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG 102.010Composition II: Reason/ResBambrick, Taneum
ENG 102.011Composition II: Reason/ResSmith, Tad
ENG 102.012Composition II: Reason/ResFoster, Shari
ENG 102.013Composition II: Reason/ResSmith, Tad
ENG 102.014Composition II: Reason/ResCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG 105.001Lit Imagination: Intro LitBambrick, Taneum
ENG 105.002Lit Imagination: Intro LitArmstrong, Liahna
ENG 105.003Lit Imagination: Intro LitRoss, Amanda
ENG 105.004Lit Imagination: Intro LitHarper, Lila
ENG 105.005Lit Imagination: Intro LitHutchins, E. Rick
ENG 105.006Lit Imagination: Intro LitRoss, Amanda
ENG 105.007Lit Imagination: Intro LitDucken, Seanse
ENG 105.a01Lit Imagination: Intro LitMartinson, Matthew
ENG 180.001Introduction to LinguisticsHe, Mei
ENG 247.001Multicultural LiteratureCuljack, Toni
ENG 247.002Multicultural LiteraturePimomo, Paulus
ENG 247.003Multicultural LiteraturePimomo, Paulus
ENG 263.001Intr to Creative WritingVandeZande, Zach
ENG 263.002Intr to Creative WritingCavazos, Pedro Xavier
ENG 263.a01Intr to Creative WritingDunning, Sonya
ENG 267.001Screenwriting FundamentalsSanders, Maria
ENG 301.001Rhetoric for Prof. WritersWelsh, Joshua
ENG 302.001Poetry and PoeticsOlson, Steven
ENG 302.a01Poetry and PoeticsZeller, Maya
ENG 302.a02Poetry and PoeticsZeller, Maya
ENG 303.001Principles of English StudiesPimomo, Paulus
ENG 303.a01Principles of English StudiesCallaghan, Patsy
ENG 304.001English LinguisticsLi, Charles
ENG 310.001Technical WritingHutchins, E. Rick
ENG 310.a01Technical WritingDunning, Sonya
ENG 310.a02Technical WritingDunning, Sonya
ENG 311.001Business WritingRampa, Peter
ENG 311.002Business WritingRampa, Peter
ENG 311.003Business WritingWelsh, Joshua
ENG 311.a01Business WritingDunning, Sonya
ENG 320.001Writing and Editing for PublSchnelle, Robert
ENG 323.a01Writing and Editing for PublVandeZande, Zach
ENG 334.001Am Indian Oral & Non-fict LitCuljack, Toni
ENG 347.a01Global Persp in LitCallaghan, Patsy
ENG 347.a02Global Persp in LitDieu, Mindie
ENG 353.001History of Narrative FilmSmith, Tad
ENG 364.a01Fiction WritingNorris, Lisa
ENG 365.001Poetry WritingZeller, Maya
ENG 372.001Literature and History IIOlson, Steven
ENG 380.001Studies in DramaChapman, Matthieu
ENG 419.001/519Critical Studies British LitAbdalla, Laila
ENG 422.001Teach Young Adult LitDay, Catherine
ENG 432.001/532Phonetics and PhonologyLi, Charles
ENG 437.001/537Pedagogical Grammar & DiscGray, Loretta
ENG 463.001Studies in the Film AuteurArmstrong, Liahna
ENG 489.001Senior ColloquiumSutphin, Christine
ENG 510.001Teach First Year CompGray, Loretta
ENG 512.001Int Eng Grad StudySutphin, Christine
ENG 592.002PracticumHorowitz, Steve



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