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Faculty Photo Directory (All)

Photo of Laila Abdalla

Laila Abdalla, Ph.D.


Office: L & L 419

Teaching interests: British Literature, Shakespeare


Liahna Armstrong, Ph.D.

Graduate Coordinator 

Office: L & L 403 F

Teaching interests: Critical Film Studies


Patsy Callaghan, Ph.D.

English Education Advisor

Office: L & L 408E

Teaching interests: Rhetoric, World Literature

Toni Culjak, Ph.D.


Teaching interests: Critical Film Studies, American Literature, American Indian Studies


Bobby Cummings, Ph.D.

English Education CoordinatorTeaching interests: English Education

George Drake, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department ChairTeaching interests: British Literature, Literary Theory

Ruthi Erdman, M.A.

Senior Lecturer
Teaching interests: Humanities, Women's Studies

Patricia Garrison, M.A.

Senior Lecturer
Teaching interests: Humanities, General Education

Phil Garrison, M.A.

Professor Emeritus
Teaching interests: Creative Writing

Loretta Gray, Ph.D.

General Education CoordinatorTeaching interests: Linguistics, TESOL, Teaching Composition
Photo of Lila Harper

Lila Harper, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer
Teaching interests: British Literature, General Education

Xingzhong (Charles) Li, Ph.D.

Teaching interests: Linguistics, TESOL

Virginia Mack, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Teaching interests: Irish Literature, General Education

Terry Martin, Ph.D.

Teaching interests: English Education, Creative Nonfiction

Lisa Norris, M.F.A.

Associate Professor
Teaching interests: Creative Nonfiction, Fiction Writing

Steve Olson, Ph.D.

Teaching interests: American Literature, Film

Photo of Paulus PimomoPaulus Pimomo, Ph.D.

Teaching interests: British Literature, Postcolonial Studies

Joe Powell, M.F.A

Teaching interests: Creative Writing, Modern Poetry

Chris Schedler, Ph.D.

Teaching interests: American Literature and Multicultural Literature

Rob Schnelle, M.A.

Senior Lecturer
Teaching interests: Grammar, General Education

Gerald Stacy, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Teaching interests: Shakespeare, English Renaissance Literature, Grammar

Christine Sutphin, Ph.D.

Undergraduate CoordinatorTeaching interests: Victorian Literature, English Novel, Women's Literature

Katharine Whitcomb, MFA

Coordinator of Professional and Creative Writing Major and Online MajorTeaching interests: Creative Writing

Staff Photo Directory

Kelly Zakel-Larson

Secretary Supervisor

    Office: L & L 423
  • (509) 963-1550

Jo Richards

Office Assistant III

Office: L & L 423
(509) 963-1547