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English Graduate Student Association

The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) serves the social and academic needs of the English graduate student community. Through guest speakers, regular meetings, evenings out, sponsored readings, and other creative activities, the EGSA supports student participation in the English department, extra-curricular events, and career building opportunities in order to create a fun and healthy learning environment.


2016-2017 Alexis Renfro & Anne Dennon, Co-Chairs

2010-2011 Heather Tonnemaker & Chelsea Brandon, Co-Chairs

2009-2010 Suhaila Hassouneh & Christopher Strom, Co-Chairs

2008-2009 Ryan Phill & Amanda Ross, Co-Chairs

2007-2008 Christopher Rose, Chair

2006-2007 Lucas Peters, Chair, Lacy Meeks & Jennifer Settle, Co-Directors

2005-2006 Paula Collucci & Jessica Durgan, Co-Chairs

2004-2005 Corey Dosch, Chair

Upcoming Events

English Faculty/Graduate Student Meet & Greet
September 29, 2016 at 9:00-10:00 a.m. in first floor the faculty lounge
Coffee and breakfast refreshments will be available!

Past Events

  • Oct 2009 EGSA Halloween Party
  • June 2009 EGSA/English Dept. Picnic
  • April 2009 Faculty/Student Bowl-off
  • June 2008 EGSA/English Dept. Picnic
  • April 2008 Faculty/Student Bowl-off
  • April 2006 Professional Development Lecture: CV Writing
  • April 2006 EGSA and ECU Poetry Night
  • Mar 2006 Graduate Game Night
  • Jan 2006 EGSA Skiing and Snowshoeing
  • Jan 2006 Faculty Lecture: Greek Literary Sites with Dr. Stacy
  • Dec 2005 EGSA Holiday Party and Secret Santa
  • Nov 2005 EGSA Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Nov 2005 Faculty/Student Bowl-off
  • Oct 2005 EGSA Halloween Party
  • Oct 2005 Professional Development Lecture: Conferences and Abstracts
  • Oct 2005 First Friday Potluck Dinner and Ellensburg Film Festival
  • Jun 2005 End of Year Party
  • Apr 2005 Faculty Lecture: Elizabethan Theatre with Dr. Stacy
  • Mar 2005 Faculty Lecture: Postmodern Art Movement
  • Mar 2005 EGSA Postmodern Bowling
  • Feb 2005 Professional Development Lecture: CV Writing