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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

SHM Required Basic and Breadth Courses

Safety and Health Management (SHM)

Courses required for entrance to the SHM major (with a grade of C or better):

• MATH 130
• MATH 153 or MATH 154
• CHEM 101, CHEM 111/111L, or CHEM 181/181L
• BIO 201
• PSY 101

Please Note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the SHM degree program. Please refer to the SHM program student advising handbook for further program requirements. Major applications are accepted ONLY during the spring quarter (admissions close in the spring quarter of each year for the following fall). The students officially start in the major in the fall quarter. Admission to the SHM Major is based upon a review of completed prerequisite courses, and application materials.

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