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Safety and Health Management

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Welcome to the Safety and Health Management Program at Central Washington University. The program prepares excellent occupational safety and health professionals.

Occupational safety and health (OS&H) professionals are essential members of any organization. Through hazard analysis and risk reduction, they create healthy work settings for companies in industries such as agriculture, petrochemical, government, construction, insurance, manufacturing, mining, services, and transportation. OS&H professionals use the concepts and principles of business management, chemistry, enforcement, engineering, health, industrial hygiene, mathematics, physics, physiology, psychology, risk management, and statistics in the workplace to prevent harm to people, property, and the environment.

A 2011 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) assessment of the OS&H workforce found that employers expect to hire more than 25,000 OS&H professionals during the next 10 years. In January 2012, annual wages of OS&H specialists were around $72,000, with entry-level salaries of around $50,000. A salary survey by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) determined the average salary of an employee with a four-year OS&H management degree was $74,630. O&SH professionals are geared toward protecting human lives, which provides tremendous job satisfaction. The BCSP survey also found that 90 percent of workers were either satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. It is a career that makes a difference in our society.

The SHM program at Central prepares students to become outstanding OS&H professionals


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Construction Project Safety Management Best Practices Handbook


Student Enrollment and Graduation Data

The following table shows the recent enrollment and graduation figures for the Bachelor of Science degree program in Safety and Health Management.

Academic YearEnrollmentBS Degrees Awarded
2015 - 201668TBA
2014 - 20156430
2013 - 20147433
2012 - 20136631
2011 - 20124217


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