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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

V. P. FRC Central Washington Regional - March 19-21, 2015

Volunteer positions available for this event:

Note: There may be more than one spot open for each position

(Click position title to for more information and to register)

Position TitleDescription
AmbassadorAmbassadors interact with teams, and serve as role models for team students and mentors. They educate and engage VIP guests to inspire their continued motivation, passion, and commitment to FIRST.
Ambassador CoordinatorAssist the Regional Director in facilitating the Ambassador Program. Collaborate with event management staff to ensure fulfillment of meeting needs.
Awards AssistantAssist the Event Manager and Event Assistant with preparation and presentation of competition awards, trophies, and medallions to teams at the closing ceremony on Saturday. 
Crowd ControlThe Crowd Control volunteer position is a physically active position that requires facilitating smooth pedestrian traffic flow throughout the facility, monitor audience, keep walkways and aisles clear.
Field Assembly/DisassemblyAssist with assembly on Tuesday or Wednesday, and/or disassembly on Saturday, of the competition playing field.
Field Repair/ResetRepair and reset playing field after each team match. Plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining pace of the event.
Inspection ManagerManages the paperwork and details associated with the inspection process, and tracks the progress of all teams at the event through inspection.
Judge AssistantAssists Judge Advisor throughout the event, collaborates with event management staff to ensure meeting competition schedule, and is responsible for motivating and energizing the judge panel throughout the competition.
Machine Shop AttendantProcess work orders for the Machine Shop Staff.
Pit Administration SupportProvide direction, assistance, information, and support to teams in the Pit.
Pit AnnouncerCall teams to queuing area and make general announcements via use of the public address system (PA) in the Pit area. Work in collaboration with the Team Queuing volunteers to facilitate adherence to team match schedule.
Practice Field AttendantThis volunteer team schedules and monitors practice field and equipment usage throughout the competition.  
Replacement Parts AttendantManage distribution of spare kit of parts materials to teams and loaning control system parts. 
Safety AdvisorSafety Advisors are involved in ongoing safety assessment during the entire event.  
Safety Glasses AttendantHand out safety glasses during the event in the pit area.  
Scholarship AttendantThe Scholarship Attendant will be in charge of promoting the FIRST Scholarship Program to students, parents, mentors and others attending an FRC regional event.
Team QueuingPlay a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.
Team Social AttendantOversee the Team Social to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable event environment for attendees. 
VIP-Media Check-in TableAssist the VIP Reception Coordinator and Media/PR Coordinator with VIP/Media Registration and Information Table operations.
Volunteer Lounge MonitorThis is a crowd control position.  This position requires that you sit by the entrance of the Volunteer Lounge to check for proper authorization to pass through the area.
Volunteer Registration-Information TableManage check-in activities at the Volunteer Registration Table. Provide direction, assistance and information to event volunteers and attendees.
Control System AdvisorThe FIRST Control System Advisor is a volunteer who assists teams with robot control system-related issues. 
Field SupervisorField Supervisor is a Key volunteer position. Participate in field construction and maintenance.
Field Technical Advisor Assistant

The FIRST Technical Advisor Assistant is a volunteer who helps keep the FRC field and event running smoothly.

Game AnnouncerWork as part of a team with the Master of Ceremonies to energize the teams and spectators, generate and maintain interest, enthusiasm, and excitement throughout the matches.  Announce play-by-play commentary for each match.
Head RefereeThe Head Referee is responsible for training, directing and supervising all Referees and Official Scorers.  Oversees all scoring processes and procedures.  Has final authority for decisions regarding team scores.  
Judge"Select team award recipients through interaction with teams, review of documentation regarding team background information to familiarize judges with teams, and serve as role models for the competitors. 
Judge AdvisorJudge Advisors are responsible for leading the Judge panel, facilitating decisions, clarifying award guidelines and ensuring the overall consistency of the awards process in accordance to FIRST standards. Judge Advisors do not vote on awards but rather facilitate that process.
Note: Special requirements
Lead Robot InspectorOversee and perform mandatory robot inspection and weigh-in processes to ensure compliance with robot construction rules. 
Lead Safety AdvisorThis individual will work with a team of Safety Advisors to increase the awareness of safety among all FIRSTparticipants. 
Lead Safety Glasses AttendantOversee volunteers that are handing out safety glasses during the event in the pit area.  
Lead Team QueuerDirects and supervises the Team Queuers, determines team traffic flow on and off the field, monitors flow during the competition.
Machine Shop Shuttle DriverTransport team members from venue site to Machine Shop and back to venue site. 
Machine Shop StaffAssist teams with robot repair and modifications.
Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)The Master of Ceremonies (a.k.a. MC or Emcee) is the individual primarily responsible for setting the tone of the competition. 
Pit Administration SupervisorManages all activities in the Pit and Pit area operations including coordination of Pit Administration Table, team interface, and collaborates with Emergency Medical Technicians.
RefereeReferees observe team matches, identify rule violations, and "call" them.
Registration System AttendantAssist the Registration System Supervisor with the successful implementation of the Event Volunteer Registration System. Check picture ID’s to ensure accurate data entry into the System.
Registration System Supervisor"Ensure the successful implementation of the Event Volunteer Registration System.
Robot InspectorPerform mandatory robot inspections and weigh-ins to ensure compliance with robot construction rules.
ScorekeeperManages and operates the scoring and field control systems.  Communicates scores

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