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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

Mechanical Engineering Technology : Senior Project

Mohammed Anazi
Project: Automated Waste Sorter (Earth Saver)

Alexander Anderson
Project: Battery Powered Heat-Pump

Matthew Bannister
Project: Ground Ball Machine

Matthew Brown
Project: Jominy Hardness Jig

Anthony Bush
Project: Portable Water Powered Generator

Edgar Cossio-Rojo
Project: Thermal Fan-Generator

Joel Randall Gies
Project: Super-Charger Drive Unit

Ben Grogan
Project :The Ultimate Vortex Chiller

Jordan Jones
Project: Automotive Sway Bar

Mark Manglicmot
Project :Intercooler for Turbocharger System

Brian Miranda
Project: Mini Beverage Cooling Device

Thomas Pedersen
Project: Automated Waste Sorter

Eric Roy
Project: Quick Mount Engine Hoist

Traiq Sheikh
Project: Charcoal Grill Improvement

Patrick Shields
Project: RC Baja Vehiclet

Matthew Snell
Proejct: Snowmobile Shock Support

Cameron Wallace
Project: Bartender Shot Layer

Benjamin Wasilowski
Project: Pelton Generator Torque Meter