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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

Mechanical Engineering Technology : Senior Project

Gabe Bruno
Project: Victair Mistifier Gearbox: Metal Casted Housing

Samuel Budnick
Project: Solar Evaporative Fan Coil Unit: Heat Coil

Eric Christensen
Project: Wakeboard Winch

Jeremy Dickson
Project: Solar Evaporative Fan Coil Unit: Evaporative Chiller

Chelsea Dowdell
Project: RC Baja Competition: Drive Train and Differential

John Evert
Project: Composite Brake Rotor Design

Joseph Fischer
Project: Collapsible Wheelchair Wheel Design

Geoffrey Gibson
Project :Toyota Disc Brake Conversion Brackets

Aaron Greear
Project: Emulsion Pump Pressure Relief

Melvin Hortman
Project : Instron TT-C 1055 Redesign for Tensile Testing Lab Use

Cullen Hubbard
Project: Branch Cutter Adapter for Electric Impact Gun

Eric Johnson
Project: Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

Taylor Johnson
Project: Space Saver Bike Rack

Kyle Kluever
Project: Solar Evaporative Fan Coil Unit: Fan Coil Unit

Nikolas Klukas
Project: Custom Glasses Cases

Michael LeBlanc
Proejct: Pivoting Motocross Foot Pegs

William Ligon-Bruno
Project: Tennis Racquet Stringer

Casey McFarlen
Project: Victair Mistifier Gearbox: Gear System

Christopher Nichols
Project: Conversion Casting From A36 Steel to Grey Iron

Jordan Olson
MX Snowski 

Zachary Pate
Dump Bed Lifting Mechanism 

Adam Romine
Catmobile Font Suspension

Ricky Skinner
Victair Mistifier Gearbox: Shafts and Bearings 

Keith Stone
Collapsible Bicycle Frame

Michael Villarma
Composite Snowmobile Suspension System

Nathaniel Wilhelm
ASME R/C Baja Car

Justin Worden
Seat Jack

Hengwei Zhang
Quadcopter for Aerial Video