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Masters of Science in Engineering Technology

MSET is not currently accepting applications for admission until further notice.


The Master of Science in Engineering Technology (MSET) program is designed to prepare persons holding a bachelor of science degree in engineering technologies (ET), industrial technologies (IT), and similar or related degrees for career advancement. The MSET core curriculum is designed to teach students how to address technological challenges such as improving existing products, services, and work processes, and developing new ones. The context for instruction takes into account contemporary challenges in business and industry, such as innovating when technology is rapidly changing, adapting to the global economy, and protecting the environment. Students select elective courses in order to build upon their current technical capabilities or to develop knowledge and skills in a new area that complements their career objectives.


Program Objectives

  • Develop advanced competencies associated with the latest innovations in engineering technology.
  • Broaden the career potential of individuals through a program of coursework, research, and exposure to new ideas.
  • Develop future engineering technology faculty having the proper academic background to teach in two- and four-year universities and technical institutions.
  • Promote the notion of life-long learning as a way of professional life.


Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the MSET degree program, the graduate student will be able to:

  • Access information databases on details of recent technological innovations in areas such as materials, manufacturing, electronics, design, and instrumentation;
  • Learn how to conduct research in an efficient manner;
  • Present results of research in a clear and concise manner, both verbal and written;
  • Understand how products are designed and developed in the commercial sector with knowledge of design, manufacturing processes, materials, and information transfer;
  • Develop analytical and practical techniques to analyze systems of related components such as manufacturing facilities, machinery, and fluid/thermal systems; and
  • Develop an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving by utilizing knowledge of electronics, mechanics, materials, manufacturing and economics.


General Requirements

Students must complete all courses listed in the general requirements.  ETSC 700 credits are to be taken in conjunction with fulfilling the research component of the curriculum.  Students must complete either a thesis or a research project.  The comprehensive exam is not an available option for the MSETS program.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ETSC 501Industrial and Academic Research Methods4
ETSC 523Emerging Technologies4
ETSC 525Systems Analysis and Simulation4
ETSC 540Work Design and Facilities Layout4
ETSC 541Industrial Operations Management4
ETSC 555Engineering Project Management4
ETSC 700Thesis or Option5
 Total Required(29)


Department-Approved Technical Electives

The student must select 16 credits from the following list to complete a program total of 45 credits.  The student may propose to take alternative electives course(s) that are not shown on the list of approved technical electives.  If the student takes any electives course for which he or she has not met the pre-requisites, then fulfilling those prerequisites will add credit hours to his or her course of study, beyond the 45 credits required for graduation.  All electives courses the student wants to include in the course of study are subject to the approval of the advisor and the department chair.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
GEOG 443Energy Policy5
ECON 462Economics of Energy Resources and Environment5
ETSC 512Alternative Energy Systems4
ETSC 521Product Design and Development4
ETSC 522Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Applications4
ETSC 524Quality Control4
ETSC 526Engineering Project Cost Analysis4
ETSC 530Fundamentals of Lasers4
ETSC 532Generation and Transmission of Electrical Power4
ETSC 552LEED in Sustainable Construction4
ETSC 560Finite Element Analysis4
ETSC 577Robotics4
ETSC 582Plastics and Composites4
ETSC 583Ceramics and Composites4
ETSC 592Field Studies1-10
ETSC 595Graduate Research1-6
ETSC 596Individual Study1-6
ETSC 599Seminar1-5
 Total Required(16)

CWU MSET 4 Year Course Plan


Video Tour

Take a video tour of the Hogue Technology Building on CWU's Ellensburg campus to see the facilities utilized for the MSET program.


Application Deadlines

Please refer to the Graduate Studies Office for application deadlines or to request an application packet. Thank you.


More Information

Contact Dr. Sathy Rajendran, ETSC Department Chair, for more information about becoming an MSET graduate student!

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