CWUNewsNews Needed, 17 Feb 2015 16:53:00<p>Employee Council is currently recruiting delegates from all departments at CWU.&nbsp; Delegates attend our monthly meetings, vote on Employee of the Month awards, and play a vital role in our efforts to provide a communication bridge between CWU administration and all classified employees.&nbsp; If you’re unfamiliar with Employee Council, please visit our website at: to get an overview of our mission.&nbsp; We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month during the academic year in Black 138.&nbsp; If you think you may be interested in serving on the council, please reply to this email or just drop in at our meeting tomorrow (3 pm, Black 138).</p><p>We’re very much in need of a delegate willing to serve as Publicity Officer.&nbsp; The primary duty of the Publicity Officer is to organize the scheduling of Employee of the Month award ceremonies between the employee’s department and the President’s office.&nbsp; As we expand our activities, this position will become even more important to our ongoing efforts to serve all of CWU’s classified employees.</p><p>Thanks for your consideration,</p><p>Ken Young<br>Information Services<br>Chair, Employee Council<br>509-963-3491</p></br></br></br>