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Classified Staff Employee Council


Jesse Days

According to his nominator, Days “started what is arguably the largest information transfer in the history of the university: the migration of nearly 200,000 pages of web content into a new content management system. Jesse had help, to be sure, but the success of this journey was due in large part to Jesse’s determination, consistency, and supreme patience. Jesse maintained a razor sharp focus on moving this mammoth effort forward. He also maintains an 18-month plan for the web so that CWU knows what’s coming and prepares for it."

“Throughout this and other projects, Jesse has been collaborative and service oriented. The big web project is over but Jesse’s bringing his leadership to other important projects. He represents Public Affairs on the portal development initiative and is a valuable team member on the iCAT project. He also is an important voice on the Enterprise Information System Committee."

“Jesse is a pleasure to work with. If you want to know anything about refinishing old furniture or machines, ask Jesse, because he’s probably done it. And if you want to know what makes Jesse Employee of the Month, just ask someone who works with him, because we know first-hand what a tremendous partner he is.”

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