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Kendra SterkelImage of Kendra Sterkel

Kendra is the program coordinator for aerospace studies. According to her nominators, "Sterkel inspires excellence in everyone around her and excels in face of diverse challenges. Simply put, there is not a better program coordinator at CWU!"

“She executed a flawless joint Army/Air Force ROTC awards ceremony attended by the university president and 350+ guests. Kendra also spearheaded our annual Dining Out and Commissioning Ceremony for seven newly-commissioned second lieutenants. She reserved the SURC Ballroom, guest speaker, and coordinated reservations, seating, and meal choices for 178 guests. Her exquisite attention to detail honored our commissionees and their families in the most professional manner possible."

“Kendra [also] volunteered to sit on a four-member Army ROTC scholarship panel. The Army ROTC commander and department chair praised her 24-year expertise in scholarship programs."

“Never one to be idle, Kendra volunteered to role-play a disgruntled employee in a conflict-resolution lesson. According to the professor, ‘She made it real for them!’"

“Kendra is continuing in her 25th year on the Ellensburg Rodeo Executive Committee. She was able to secure a local US Calvary actor to be the Grand Marshall for this year’s Ellensburg rodeo—facilitating a military theme for the event.”


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