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Classified Staff Employee Council


Alice Fulleton

Fulleton, secretary lead for Student Financial Services, has worked at CWU for 29 years, started in 1984 as a student employee. She became a permanent employee in 1989. According to her nominators, “Alice truly deserves to be Employee of the Month. Student Financial Services has gone through a lot of changes and turnover during the last year and a half. Alice has coordinated more than a dozen  simultaneous searches while keeping a watchful eye over her budgets and has done an excellent job."

“Her attention to detail and amazing organizational skills are impressive. She has created effective spreadsheets to help management keep track of their open positions and associated budgets, and is an effective communicator. She has helped keep the department together as staff was out on long or short-term leave, as employees retired and new ones were hired to take their places."

“She always maintains her friendly and helpful attitude. Alice anticipates questions that may arise and has a ready answer every time. I don’t know what we would do without her
in our division.”


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