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Classified Staff Employee Council


Kara HoisingtonKara Hoisington

Employee of the Month for August 2011

Those nominating Kara said:

Kara Hoisington, program support supervisor, Financial Aid/Scholarships, is the August Employee of the Month. As Scholarship Program Support Supervisor, she is responsible for the coordination of the scholarship program services and resources. According to her nominators, “Kara’s customer service to students, faculty, staff, and coworkers is exceptional. She provides focused positive personalized attention to each person approaching her, ascertains their need and supplies it in a prompt, courteous manner, with follow up if needed. “Kara solves problems by exploring new areas related to her work, [such as] the content management system platform in which our scholarship Web page was created. She was able to figure out the code to display [a section] of the CWU General Scholarship Application in a way that made more sense and better satisfied the student’s needs. “Kara has taken leadership to develop the CWU General Scholarship Application and, with the help of Information Technology Services, she has created a process that facilitates the handling and management of the supplemental materials students need to complete their application to certain scholarships. Now, by uploading electronic documents to their already integrated to SAFARI scholarship application, the students can [more easily] complete their application."

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