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Employee Council


Employee of the Month for October 2010

Those nominating David said:

David Covert, October’s Employee of the Month, “brings a smile to your day and helps make working at Central Washington University a pleasure.” Covert is the custodian in Lind Hall and first floor Bouillon Hall. According to his nominators, “David’s consistency and the fact that he takes care of little extras provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. He is conscientious about his duties and helps maintain the beautiful architecture of Lind Hall. He gives our students just enough room to make Lind Hall their home while being stern enough to make sure the building does not look lived in. Trust me, when dealing with physics and geology students this is no small feat. And this also applies to the physics and geology faculty!!! “David is also a problem solver. If a person’s request is not feasible, he immediately follows up with one, if not two, alternatives. He is always upbeat, which inspires others to be positive. One example of his patience, dedication, and commitment to the university—Covert determined who was behind a two-month vandalism spree in a men’s restroom. By going through the appropriate channels (through his supervisor and the perpetrator’s academic advisor and instructor) the incident never occurred again.