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Employee Council


Tippy Cooper

Those nominating Tippy said:

June's employee of the month, Tippy Cooper, is called the heart and soul of the Office of Alumni Relations. Sheis responsible for all administrative duties in Alumni Relations which includes events, publi- cations, e-publications, membership coord- ination, and other critical functions. Moreover, Cooper oversees updates to the alumni database that tracks more than 75,000 CWU alumni. According to her nominators, she has "an extraordinary work ethic. She never declines a task no matter how heavy her workload. As a supervisor she is warm and supportive and has a remarkable way of raising the level of performance of those around her. One reason is because she makes working in the office fun. Her mischievous humor sets a tone that affects all of us. "In the past year, Tippy has done an especially impressive job of managing the annual Alumni Association membership drive. She volunteered for this vital and difficult task, coordinating all marketing content, supervising the mailing of more than 20,000 letters, and processing responses. It was the most successful membership drive in our history and the credit is largely hers. "Recently, due to the loss of classified staff, Tippy assumed responsibility for supervising all University Advancement timesheets. She has brought efficiency and order to this often thankless task, personally helping people navigate the rules and complete their timesheets. "Tippy is one of the people who raise the level of excellence at Central, day after day."