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Steve DouglasSteven Douglas

Employee of the Month for December 2010

Those nominating Steven said:

Steven Douglas, audio/visual engineer B, has more than twenty years of service in Multimedia Technology and Institutional Support. His workdays begin and end resolving problems that arise in the Distance Education (DE) circuits, processing incident reports from DE operators and classroom instructors, designing and redesigning audio/visual systems on campus and at the university centers, managing the Media Engineering and Technology unit, and attending many meetings about the future of campus technology. According to his nominators, "Steve's work became even more intense and complicated this fall as we launched a major upgrade of our DE infrastructure at our six centers. The university undertook a major upgrade in their distance education classrooms. This project impacted not just the Ellensburg campus, but six of our other campus locations around the state." Douglas' nominators note that he worked tirelessly on the design with the contractors, in troubleshooting the equipment, and even designed equipment to 'make it work'. He never stopped working - what was typically a forty-hour week became an eighty-hour week and he did it solo and with a marvelous attitude. This effort was in addition to his regular assignments and duties as the senior engineer. "I also need to mention here that Steve is a genuinely personable fellow with a heart of gold," concluded his colleague.

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