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Employee of the Month

Initiated by Classified Staff Employee Council, recognition will be given to classified employees who foster a personalized environment which supports members of the university community as well as the mission of Central Washington University. This award was created so that employees who go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities, who offer unique contributions to their work unit and/or the university as a whole, who have a significant positive impact on those they work with or come in contact with, and who consistently perform for the betterment of CWU could be recognized for their work.

Anyone may nominate an employee for this award. Award recipients will receive a $125 award and will have their name and reason for selection published in the Campus Bulletin and Employee Council minutes.



2016-2017 Employee of the Month Winners!


June 2017
Jo Ann Ryan
May 2017
Justin Jenkins
April 2017
Lisa Montgomery
March 2017
Peter Zencak
February 2017
Joey Thornton
January 2017
Marla Firman
December 2016

Cyndie Strawder


November 2016

Venetta Miller

October 2016

Moriah Kauer

September 2016
Connie Dahlberg

2015-2016 Employee of the Month Winners!

September 2015
Melany Peterson
Melany handles most of CWU benefit orientations and consultation as the Benefit Consultant.  She conducts benefits orientations for all new employees, consults with people regarding their retirement options and manages paperwork when people leave the university. Melany does this with compassion and intuition, ensuring that employees feel good about their options and about CWU.  We have received many complements from a variety of employees regarding Melany's work.  She truly goes above and beyond in providing great customer service and in meeting the needs of employees, both new and old.


October 2015
Diana Engels

Diana consistently goes above and beyond everyday giving staff and student parents the ability to leave their children, especially their infants, in loving and caring arms as we make the tough decision to come back to work and school. Her passion for the children is evident in the way she decorates the classroom to stimulate the children, her many projects, often done at home, to teach fine motor skills and the connection she makes with each child. Diana Engels is a once in a lifetime teacher and only a few of us are lucky to have her touch our children’s lives. 


November 2015
Todd Ames

Officer Todd Ames has served our CWU community for over 8 years as a police officer.  His style of policing defines what community policing is all about.  Officer Ames looks for changes that can be made to reduce crime and continually provides suggestions on things our agency can do to improve services.  Because of his policing style and dedication to CWU, Officer Ames is a certified Field Training Officer (FTO).  As an FTO he is the mentor for newly hired officers. In addition to his other duties, Officer Ames is an instructor for our popular Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) program. Officer Ames is a dedicated CWU employee and public servant. 


December 2015
Kristina Paquette
Every fall Career Services hosts multiple events for students to find jobs and internships.  This fall, Kristina had to coordinate five major events that involved almost 300 employers and several hundred students. She managed to survive the complexities of handling all the phone calls and logistics for the events as well as a brand new database that proved to have many, many glitches in it.  She did this all very professionally and with a sense of humor!!  Her ability to manage these events and her dedication to students having a good experience is exemplary.  Kristina does an amazing job with keeping this part of our office organized and functioning.
January 2016
Ron Harris
Ron has been an employee for 45 years and continues to work with the same enthusiasm and dedication as any other employee. During snow removal Ron is always the first to arrive and last to leave. Ron is a great example of leading by example. Always willing to help others, Ron has good attitude and has gone above and beyond for 40 years.  Ron is a big part of the grounds department and will be missed when he retires. Ron has always gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to his job!! He has passion for what he does and the campus is better off for it!
February 2016
Anna Cairns
Anna has been in University Housing and New Student Programs since March 2014.  While this is a relatively short time, she is a key player in the operation of the Residence Life Office in Barto Hall.  While she supervises student staff and provides support to the professional staff, she also provides exceptional support for folks using the Wellington Event Center. Because of Anna’s ‘can do’ attitude and her expertise in managing details, she makes it look so easy. Anna is consistently recognizing and supporting others within the department, and is a positive role model for the entire department.
March 2016 
Allen Larsen
According to his job description Allen is the recording engineer, hall manager and web master for our department. Allen is innovative, he hears about a situation that has been causing problems in the department and his mind immediately begins thinking about solutions. Allen devised a system that incorporated bar codes to keep track of instruments as they are checked out and returned.  Allen also developed a system that will scan a student’s ID and automatically populate a database that tracks a student’s attendance.  Since we implemented this system we have over 90% compliance with this policy. He has proven to be indispensable to the music department. 
April 2016
Kelly Zakel-Larson
Kelly is a fantastic addition to the Sociology department. She is incredibly helpful to everyone she interacts with. She goes well above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Kelly has been an excellent addition to the Sociology department.  She not only fulfills the duties required of her but goes above and beyond with her supervisor, her supervisees, the faculty and students.  She is exceptional in her "customer service" skills and has made this department a welcoming place of all. 
May 2016
Liz Inman
Liz has been with CWU over 10 years, providing excellent service to our transfer students, interested community members, and representatives of our educational partners. She is the first face you see when you enter the regional campus and she always has a smile to greet the visitor. She has a wealth of knowledge and prides herself in connecting the students to the needed resource. She leads the office with student retention guiding her focus.
June 2016
Ashlie Crawford
Ashlie balances her regular workload with a steady stream of inquiries from faculty, staff and students, and does so with grace and patience. For example, as the Administrative Assistant to an entire college there isn't often time to set aside meetings and training sessions for the college's department secretaries. However, Ashlie always carves out time to meet, laugh and troubleshoot areas of concern. Her dedication to the success of the College of Arts and Humanities is demonstrated daily in her work ethic, communication skills and sense of humor. 

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