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Employee of the Month

Initiated by Classified Staff Employee Council, recognition will be given to classified employees who foster a personalized environment which supports members of the university community as well as the mission of Central Washington University. This award was created so that employees who go above and beyond their normal job responsibilities, who offer unique contributions to their work unit and/or the university as a whole, who have a significant positive impact on those they work with or come in contact with, and who consistently perform for the betterment of CWU could be recognized for their work.

Anyone may nominate an employee for this award. Award recipients will receive a $125 award and will have their name and reason for selection published in the Campus Bulletin and Employee Council minutes.

To be eligible for Employee of the Month, employees nominated need to be in a civil position for 24 months. For more information, please check out the guideline link below.



2018-2019 Employee of the Month Winners!


September 2018
Missy Davis

Here is some of the things that were said about the great job she does:
She simply says "No problem...I'll take care of it" and she does.  Her attitude is always positive and she is always supportive and helpful. She is one of those people who you want to be around. She does her job well and she does it with a perpetual smile on her face.  She is not easily rattled.  Missy exemplifies the "Wildcat Way."  She is Welcoming, Inclusive, Knowledgeable, Responsive and Proud. Adaptability has to be her middle name! She has tackled just a few projects...and her willingness to learn new processes is to be noted.

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