Faculty - Updating Personal Information in Safari

  • From the cwu.edu home page, click the Wildcat Connection¬†Image of paw print link
  • Enter your Novell user name and password and click on Login.
  • Click on the Safari link found in the left sidebar.
  • Under the Safari Links, click on Faculty Safari.
  • On the Safari home page, there are Menu and Phone number windows. The phone types currently set up are displayed in the Phone Number window.

To change a phone number, click in the box containing the phone number, type in the new number, and hit Save.

To add a phone number, click on the Add a Phone Number button. Under Phone Type, a drop down box is displayed. Click on the down arrow and select a type.
Enter the phone number into the Telephone box and click on Save. Be sure to include your cell phone as you are probably most often reachable at that number!

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