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Teaching Elementary, Adolescent and Young Children

Elementary Education

WELCOME to the Department of Teaching Elementary, Adolescent, and Young Children (TEACH). The Department of TEACH is committed to ensuring graduates are prepared to be outstanding educational leaders and facilitators of learning who demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to educate and work within a diverse school population.  TEACH offers such a program through the creation of supportive and academically rich environments where children, adolescents and adults are always engaged in active, authentic, and hands-on learning as the all-encompassing goal of this department.  High standards are set and manifest in observable ways, such as: (a) the integration of authentic materials and technology, (b) best practices in both pedagogy and assessment will be emphasized, (c) the blending of standards-based instruction and creative expression, and (d) the accentuation of a positive classroom environment through classroom management techniques that empower students to be intrinsically motivated to learn.

Students who complete this major will be eligible for an endorsement to teach in regular, self-contained, elementary K-8 classrooms.

Students wishing to pursue the ELEMENTARY EDUCATION major must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be fully admitted to Teacher Certification (MATH 164, MATH 250, EDLT 308, & EDLT 321 may be taken prior to being fully admitted).
  • Visit with the TEACH Academic Counselor (BH 206, (509) 963-1476).
  • Declare the major.
  • Earn a minimum grade of “C” in all required major, minor, and Professional Education Program courses.


Recommendations for course work

It is highly recommended that all candidates for an elementary education major complete comprehensive general education course work including history, economics, math, science, and geography.

Transfer students: It is highly recommended that transfer students take the equivalent  of CWU's MATH 164 - Foundations of Arithmetic and MATH 250 - Intuitive Geometry at their community college prior to transferring to CWU.

Elementary Major Course Requirements

EDLT 308 Literacy I (3)
EDLT 409 Literacy II  (EDLT 308 is a prerequisite for EDLT 409) (5)
EDEL 320 INTEGRATED Arts in the Elementary School(5)
MATH 164 Foundations of Arithmetic (prerequisite to EDEL 323)(5)
MATH 250 Intuitive Geometry for Elementary Teachers (prerequisite to EDEL 323)(4)
EDEL 323 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (4)
EDLT 321 Teaching Children’s Literature (3)
EDLT 422 Teaching the Language Arts (4)
HED 446 Health Education Curriculum for Elementary Teachers (3)
PE 334 Physical Education Activities for the Elementary School (3)
SCED 322 Science Education in the Elementary School (4)
EDEL 420 Social Sciences in the Elementary School (4)
EDEL 423 Integrating Methods in Elementary Education(3)
Electives- Department approved (3-5)

Total Credits 53-55

Elementary Education Four-Year Plan