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Enterprise Information System Committee

Business Technology Advisory Council

The EISC Business Technology Advisory Council (BTAC) advises the CWU Enterprise Information Systems Committee (EISC) and Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs; recommending policies, procedures, and projects related to the support of business and financial technologies and associated enterprise-related systems.  Additionally, the BTAC reviews specific business case submissions to determine alignment with the University Strategic Plan, assists with the hardware and/or software procurement strategies, and provides updates to the EISC. The BTAC will also review the prioritization of business and financial technology projects and recommend changes as appropriate. The council meets monthly, reviews and votes on incoming solution requests and business cases.

Council specifics and responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
  • Making low to mid-level decisions regarding non-enterprise technology needs/requests and communicating those decisions as appropriate.
  • Administrative assistant services for the BTAC are permanently provided by the Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) Division.
  • The Chair of the BTAC is rotated on an annual basis.
Note: Non-enterprise is defined as a project or initiative that only spans one appointing authority. Low to mid-level decisions regarding non-enterprise technology needs are defined as having an overall implementation cost of less than $100k, impacting less than two functional areas, and already having a funding source established.
Council Chair:
Voting Members:
Non-Voting Members:
Council Secretary:
  • Administrative Assistant, Accounting & Financial Services - Lori Hauser, x2956, MS 7471
Business Technology Advisory Council Minutes:

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