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Enterprise Information System Committee

Executive Summary for Designated Computer Lab

Purpose:  Re-purposing of the computer lab in Shaw-Smyser 214 from general purpose student use to specialized ITAM Department use.
Summary:  The ITAM Department is experiencing phenomenal student growth with high demand STEM degrees including cybersecurity, networking, web and database. Currently ITAM has over 950 majors and minors with the potential of exponential growth in the cyber security and networking student numbers. To meet the demand in these high tech areas, the department is requesting a second, dedicated computer lab in Shaw-Smyser to offer additional classes in cybersecurity and networking. This computer lab will be equipped and managed by ITAM with specialized software and hardware. The ITAM faculty are working closely with Gene Shoda, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, CWU on this request due to the sensitive nature of the specialized software and hardware. Currently there are 78 Network majors, 28 Cybersecurity majors, and 69 Cybersecurity minors for a total of 175 students in the ITAM major/minor programs. We forecast double the cybersecurity students in the next 12-18 months.
Benefits:  The main benefit of acquiring this additional computer lab space is to meet the specialized computer hardware/software needs of this increased student base. This will result in students being more effective in the skills they need in order to be successful in the job market after graduation. 

Sponsoring Department(s): Information Technology & Administrative Management (ITAM)
Date of Business Case Preparation: July 1, 2014     
Contact Person Name/Phone:  Dr. Chet Claar, 509.963.2618